PP got called out at the Republican Central Committee Meeting. And I didn't like it very much.


WHOAAAA! - This post is going down for a bit. There needs to be some brakes put on it before things go out of control.

My whole point was that I was being singled out in front of 100 people because I happen to blog. And I considered it bad manners unbecoming a party chairman. Nothing more, nothing less.

And as unhappy as I was (am) about being singled out, and had every intention of sleeping on the whole deal, once I saw the post over at SD Watch, I recognize that it's time to pull the reigns in before the horses tumble off the cliff.

So, lets all sleep on it.


Anonymous said…
Any success Republicans have had in this state has been despite the efforts of Fredrickson.

He's an anchor on new ideas, young candidates and the grassroots. The future of the party rides on the likes of John Thune, Dusty Johnson, Bob Sahr, Deb Peters, Shantel Krebs, Lance Russell, Jim Seward, Jarrod Johnson and the rest of the dynamic, intelligent youngbloods that our party is fortunate to be loaded with.

Consider it a compliment that he would be threatened by your presence.
Anonymous said…
You are doing a great job while I am neither a rep or dem yours is one of the few blogs i read daily. I think that was a very cheap shot Randy took at you. I only on a daily basis read CCK,You, SDP and Todd's.
Anonymous said…
You deserve better PP,,Maybe Randy will be big enough to call you and make it right. I like your blog and appreciate your work for the party.

on the other hand,,,I have been in a Pennington County republicans strategy session (concerning the mainstream group) with Senator Adelstein sitting right there,, and I'm thinking...this is not good (no parallel to your situation) makes for a good blog topic considering the different views that have surfaced this year.
Sad we cant get together without being afraid that we are not all friends and supporters.

PP said…
Thanks guys (and that's collectively, not in the perjorative male sense).

I'm feeling the love.
Anonymous said…
Who's "Fredrickson" ?
Anonymous said…
(OOPS, Fredrickson is my apolitical accountant. He'll be off my mind come April 15, hopefully)

Any success Republicans have had in this state has been despite the efforts of Frederick.

He's an anchor on new ideas, young candidates and the grassroots. The future of the party rides on the likes of John Thune, Dusty Johnson, Bob Sahr, Deb Peters, Shantel Krebs, Lance Russell, Jim Seward, Jarrod Johnson and the rest of the dynamic, intelligent youngbloods that our party is fortunate to be loaded with.

Consider it a compliment that he would be threatened by your presence.
Anonymous said…

What you experienced is what is wrong with government in South Dakota. Those in power, who are primarily Republicans, fear openness. That they would feel threatened by "one of the their own" does not surprise me. While you are a good Republican, you are also open minded and not afraid to question stupid decisions.

I think it is a telling indictment of the power elites in the GOP that you would be treated this way. Imagine how the rest of us feel.

For whatever it is worth, I know you are a man of your word and a man of honor. Too bad the muckety-mucks of your party don't appreciate those facts as well.

Welcome to the world of independence and independents?

Best regards and your friend,

Todd Epp
S.D. Watch, http://thunewatch.squarespace.com
PP said…
Not yet Todd, but thanks for the offer. I've gotten kicked to the curb before, and I'm sure I'll get kicked to the curb in the future.

I'm just a glutton for punishment.
Anonymous said…
Randy has just shown his smarts!!! He is not a good leader, he is a follower and a sorry one at that. His main desire is to be the all powerful one and he did show you that he can control you by pointing you out and making uncalled for statements about being a blogger. I see nothing wrong with bloggers...at least they tell us as they see it and are not controlled like the rest of the media. We like having some sunshine. Hang in there PP. I will always read your pages first. Your numbers are telling you how well the SDWC is doing. Forget that Fredrick! His head is getting as big as his belly. Randy has no respect from me!!!
Anonymous said…
Todd Epp made the most important point in this discussion, Randy Frederick's actions are indicitive of closed government as we know it in South Dakota. Frederick was a leader in the legislature when alot of the laws closing meetings and sealing government information were passed. That's all he knows.

I agree he could have, and should have, talked to you before the meeting. But, being ham handed and acting like a Soviet commissar is Randy Frederick's style, and he is to old of a dog to teach new tricks.

I know for a fact that at the Democrat Central Committee meeting Judy Olson Duhamel introduced the Clean Cut Kid with great fanfare and a hardy thank you and the Central Committee members gave him a standing ovation.
Anonymous said…
I think you all should let up on Randy. He may not be perfect, but he is far more honest and fair than some of the other creeps who have been leaders in our State GOP the past several years.
Anonymous said…
Maybe so last anon, but he is also the least capable. The guys a joke and shows you the limited scope and foresight of the Rounds adminstration. These guys came in w/no exec. experience and were damn well sure going to prove it. It's showing. Power in this state is swinging quickly away from them, granted he'll get reelected, but in this state, now, with the state of the dems, that's no great feat.
Anonymous said…
Wow! What did I miss? Put it back up!
Anonymous said…
Frederick is a political microcosm of the Rounds administration. Great analogy!

He is incompetent (hiring and promoting his family members). He's vindictive (Brand Board fiasco). He's slow (length of time to get organized on the others' idea of DUSEL). He is vociferously against openness (gov's mansion, pheasant hunt, gov's club, and flight list). He's dishonest (only paying for personal flights when caught and reporting campaign finance reports after the legal deadline). Surrounds himself with incompentants and yes men (refer to previous comment). No ideological convictions (only concerned about the mechanics of power, not really interested in doing anything other than what is extremely easily understood either for the benefit of his IQ level or for sound bite (judge for yourself)).

Frederick has all of the overarching attributes of the Rounds Administration, but does South Dakota and the republican party deserve better? I believe they do.

We just need someone with the courage to step forward and fight for what is right. Conservative principles. Substance over appearance. Honesty. Openness. vision. A true desire to move this state forward without sacrificing our current infrustructures and institutions for pandering for votes through election year gimmicks.

It is time! We deserve better!
PP said…
Okay guys, this wasn't a governor thing, so let's not overblow it.

It was a Randy versus me thing.
Anonymous said…
I see Todd Epp and Nick Nemec, both big time Democrats have come to your defense.
I find that odd.
What have you been putting on your website that the Party Chairman doesn't like and they do?
Maybe you have given the Chairman cause to complain without realizing it?
This is a private organization, not a government one. Is it reasonable to ask if some of the things you have published have been of great interest, aid and comfort to the Democrats?
Anonymous said…
It is more than just Epp and Nemec. There may very well be free-wheeling discussions on this page that the state party chairman does not like, but frankly, I don't think he wants any discussion. Not even at the party meetings. He's defensive and he hates ideas. The chairman does not have cause to complain. Lead or get out of the way. State party chairman is not a position for whiners, but a position for leaders and visionaries. Yes, it is not a government organization, but it is also not a secret organization, especially when it is run as a secret organization from its own members. No, this page has not given aid and comfort to the democrats. It simply allows for the open exchange of ideas. THAT IS WHAT BOTHERS FREDERICK AND HIS CONTROLLERS! The only ones creating issues for the democrats are the republicans themselves, and I am a republican.
Unknown said…
Too bad you weren't able to turn his rather demeaning request into a demeaning general request. "Sure, Randy, I'll keep private things private, if you ask the same thing of everyone here."
PP said…
TeeDee -

I'm not sure what I've put on the blog that Todd (former democrat and current independent) and Nick (Democrat) like.

Generally, I consider myself a conservative Republican who believes in less government, and I just write what I write.

Some people like it, and let me know that. Some people don't and let me know that as well.

The biggest thing is that I allow debate on these pages. There are days when everyone says "we love you PP." And there are days (like a few days ago when I wrote about Kate Looby having a date) when they just start pounding me and liken what I write to trash.

The big thing here is that I write and people can discuss. Not a novel concept, Some people get it. Others don't
Anonymous said…
The "brilliance" of Randy Frederick isn't surprising. This is coming from the party who has that nanogenarian Tom Hennies, running against an up and coming Republican in Sam Kooiker. The past (way past) of the party is still trying to eat the young of the future. I hope you don't cower at the bullying tactics of RF and the others who have left this party with no bench. The people we have for the future are there of their own doing, in spite of the party, not because of it. Even our own John Thune, who has the power to make this party even bigger (not bigger than God, sorry John Lennon, but BIG) isn't aiding in the cause. Blinders on, drink up, this is our Republican Party. Cheers!
Anonymous said…
Now the party is looking to eliminate those who represent true conservative values. Here, Tom Hennies decides murder is the only recourse he has to get his antiquated point of view across http://www.rapidcityjournal.com/articles/2006/02/13/news/columns/020woster.txt

Tom Hennies believes, "if you can't beat them, kill them." "Shoot them all and let God (or whatever he worships, maybe himself) sort them out. You are correct Nyuwanda, this is our Republican Party and I have never been more ashamed.
Anonymous said…
I'm sure Hennies is offended by the conservatism of Kookier. I can't remember Hennies not liking spending and regulating. He's a big government guy. I guess that just comes with living off of the government dole for your entire adult life. For some in Pierre, it is cradle to . . . , well let's hope some will eventually work in the private sector, other than lobbying.

They offend the base. Attack conservatives, even on this page. And certainly do not assist others who did not grow up or mature within the sheltered confines of the all-knowing government protection in Pierre.

Reform of the party is essential to distinguising between Republicans and Democrats in Pierre in the future. Maybe why there is no serious democratic opposition is that they are happy with the growth of government spending, jobs and programs proposed by the mainstream administration in Pierre.

Am I off base?
Anonymous said…
PP, for what it's worth the reason I, self described not afraid to admit it Democrat, like to read your blog is the interesting topics you post.

Sometimes, like Epp says, they make me go hmmm. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes they move me to reply (who is that republican attorney who does a does a little lobbying and dates Kate Looby?). I always sign my real name because I think it helps give context to my posts.

I'm for open government. A good idea, but something that some Rebublicans might be more supportive of if the Democrats owned Pierre.

Whenever you get kicked out of the GOP give me a call we have room across the aisle.
Anonymous said…
I disagree with Nyuwanda regarding John Thune. Pretty much every nickle in Randy Frederick's gop account is there due to Thune. When funds run low, do you think they call Rounds for a fundraising letter or event? Not.

The governor has always been the titular head of the party. Since the Dems haven't had a governor in a while, that leader was obviously Daschle.

So it is, that Rounds gets to walk around as if he were the head of the party, when in fact everybody knows it's Thune. Even Rounds knows, given the fact that the only reason he gets to be governor is because Thune didn't want it. Go to any event that both are attending and you will see who the Republicans flock to. Heck, if you're in Pierre whenever Thune is in Pierre, you see who the leadership wants to be seen with.

Thune brings in the money, Thune enthuses the young politicos and the base, and has much more party influence than most people realize because he is a classy guy who lets Rounds ride his coattails and act important.
Anonymous said…

I'd disagree with a couple of points you've made when you note:

"Pretty much every nickle in Randy Frederick's gop account is there due to Thune. When funds run low, do you think they call Rounds for a fundraising letter or event? Not."

Yes, you are very correct that Thune has been good for the state GOP's coffers. But this is really atypical and only since he beat Daschle.

Traditionally, the party's cut of Governor's club funds have been the big sugar daddy that's kept the party afloat through thick and thin over the years. Without those funds, the party would be in dire straits - and that's the very reason why the Gov's graces are what put a chairman in place.

If a Republican Governor doesn't like the chair? Oops. Guess we're discontinuing the Gov Club. So it's a big, big hammer.

It's not so easy for Thune to have an ongoing shared fundraising program because of the separation between federal and state monies. And anyone else they could do it with, the party is reluctant to do so because of the hammer.

A past AG tried to do it once, and the ED at the time refused because they were concerned it would dilute the Gov's club. Even though it would have brought in major cash.
Anonymous said…
I believe Nyuwanda is referring to John Thune's hands-off approach to the disorganized and inept nature of the party. I would agree with anonymous' criticism of Nyuwanda in that Thune is raising the lion's share of the money, regardless of the governor's club. The governor's ability to raise funds comes exclusively from his title and the desire of individuals to influcence state policy. Maybe that's why the Governor will not disclose the lists; the contributors may be attempting to conceal their desire to influence state policy, as their participation is purely Macivellian.

On the other hand, Thune does have strong support because of his convictions, driving solicitations with his name on all sucessful pieces of mail being sent by the party.

At this time, a "Senator's Club" would eclipse the Governor's Club in fund-raising prowess. Why not have both and get a truly representative and competent chairman in the process?

Let's broaden our minds, pocketbook and the party by asking John Thune to participate greater in the success of the SD GOP.
PP said…
I would mention as this discussion continues to spiral out of control; try not to make it personal.
Anonymous said…
Can someone honestly tell me they think Shantel Krebs is a "dynamic, intelligent" legislator?
Anonymous said…
Is someone jealous of Shantel Krebs? Is this the same person who previously lamented the fact that John Thune "still" has broad appeal? Please let us truthfully know if you are a democrat or a mainstreamer.

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