Alice is a little confused out there in Wonderland

I'm sure truer words could not be said about Representative Alice McCoy's attempts to unseat Seantor Bill Napoli. Actually, this comes from an article in the Rapid City Weekly News from April 20th.

Read it as it appears in it's proper context in the full article.

If this is the kind of campaign help she has (where her representatives told the GOP to just distribute the old stuff), I think if I were her, I'd have some words with my volunteers.

All it did was make her look bad. And Alice adding the "confused" comment isn't helping her dispel an image of an addled candidate incapable of taking on Bill Napoli.


Anonymous said…
PP, why not go to and link to the article instead of spending time scanning it in?
PP said…
well, ok. That would have made sense.
James said…
Is this those high powered Adelstein campain consultants at work here??
Anonymous said…
If you think she was confused on that issue can you imagine how confused she was during session.
Her floor speeches consisted of "McCoy yields." Which was appropriate since she never had anything of value to add to the floor speeches.
Anonymous said…
Seriously, the woman is batty. Unfortunately, Bill Napoli is nuts, too. I don't really care what his accomplishments are, because at the top of the list is making South Dakotans look like a bunch of morons on the natinoal scale.

This is rare, but, I am hoping a democrat emerges as the winner.
Anonymous said…
"...a democrat emerges as the winner."??...I think we know who's "nuts."
Anonymous said…
This is hilarious. Actually I like to see it on the pulp.

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