Paul Valandra - Stan is this Democrat's type of man

In today's letter to the editor in the Rapid City Journal, Democratic State Representative Paul Valandra endorses Stan Adelstein for Senate:
Worthy opponent

After 16 years as a Democratic member of the South Dakota House of Representatives, I usually like it when Republicans fight among themselves. But lies are lies on either side of the aisle.

It is ironic that Sen. Stan Adelstein is being mischaracterized by his opponent in the Republican Senate primary as a "liberal." The (unsolicited) truth is that he has opposed most of the liberal initiatives introduced by me and my Democratic colleagues in the South Dakota Legislature over the years.

But he has been a worthy and honorable opponent and a man I have come to deeply respect for the way in which he tirelessly represents his constituents. Sen. Adelstein works hard and tirelessly for his constituents. Will anyone argue with that? He follows up on constituent issues, every single time.

He has more energy and patience now than when he began public office, not to mention knowledge. Stan is in touch and has grown into a super public servant.

Although we have disagreed on many issues, he has been a staunch ally in advocating for better education and increased jobs on the reservation. As civilian aide to the Secretary of the Army he brought JROTC and increased graduation rates.

Now that we know who the Democrats are supporting in the Republican Primary, maybe we ought to carefully consider who might not be entirely truthful as they try to remove the liberal label from Senator Adelstein.



I think the real purpose of his letter is to get folks to change their party affiliation to vote for Stan. If the data was available, I would bet more democrats switched parties than the number of votes Eli lost by 2 years ago. I wish we had a law or constitutional amendment that would prohibit "party swapping" from the first day pettions could be circulated to the day of the primary, that would be a true closed primary system. As it is, democrats are picking the republican candidates in these races. I hope Eli's campaign has an early voter registration list and aquires another within a week of the election so maybe somebody can compare the data and tell us the impact, how about it PP, I would even help.
Douglas said…
kriebel does invent some interesting devil theories. I guess I haven't got a clue why Valandra wrote that letter. I suspect it will irritate some Democrats and some Republicans rather than change anything, but I have been wrong on enough political issues to write a book on "Wrong and Wrongs".
Anonymous said…
You cannot be all things to all people. This attenuation of interest on Stans part will ultimately be his down fall. He is a liberal, let there be no doubt. Birds of a feather....
Anonymous said…
I wonder what that letter cost Stan. Of course, Stan owns a lot of people.
Anonymous said…
Organizations too.
Anonymous said…
The think about Stan is that his mind is rarely made up by the principle of an issue, and really allows the idea to percolate.

Hardline members of any party aren't productive.

She isn't a leader. She's a follower. No matter who gets voted in, they need to have a strong personality to stand up to the republican caucus.
Anonymous said…
Valandra is a State Rep., not a Senator. I was very surprised he isn't running again this year. Or was it because he didn't get his petitions in on time? He is notorious for being late or absent to committee or floor sessions. The letter is basicly a joke to me , Stan is very liberal, and only represents a portion of his constituents.
PP said…
Doh! "Been there" you're right. He's jumped chambers a few times so it was a slip on my part.

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