Whalen for Congress website up and running

Coinciding with his congressional announcement tour, Bruce Whalen's website is up and running. And I have to compliment him, it's pretty good. There's even an "on the campaign trail blog."

GO check him out here at http://www.brucewhalen.org and make a donation.


Anonymous said…
I dropped by the fantastic Bruce Whalen web site.

He could really use your help to edit his stuff. His usage of the English language is faulty.
Anonymous said…
Website looks great, his use of language makes him sound really unprofessional. You're right, he needs an editor.
Unknown said…
The Republican Party is sniggeringly happy to let Bruce Whalen throw himself in front of the Herseth stuffed-with-money juggernaut.

Then, party leaders can cluck their tongues and say, "See, an Indian can't win."
Anonymous said…
What was US Representative Ben Rile? A Democrat? Oh, I guess he was a Republican who served several terms in Congress. Guess Bob was wrong again!
Anonymous said…
Ben Rifle. Sorry about the spelling.
Publisher said…
Are you referring to Ben Reifel?
The Professor should have spotted that one!
Anonymous said…
The press release announcing the tour was pretty poorly written, too. The party needs to get him a press person, STAT.
Anonymous said…
Thanks jerald e. hinkle, yes, Ben Reifel. I had even looked on the internet for the correct spelling and came up with the mispelling.

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