I don't think we have to bother sticking a fork in him

Current Mainstream coalition member and former State Treasurer Dave Volk says he's done. According to the Sioux Falls City Council candidate, Dave claims he's done with elective office for good.
As for his future in elected office, Volk, a former state treasurer, said:

"Done, and done. You know how some people say, 'I'll never say never?' I'm saying never."

But he said he will get involved in the November statewide election, and mentioned the abortion ban the Legislature passed earlier this year.

"I love politics. I'll help people in this coming election that will hopefully change the direction this state's going in."
Read the sidebar here in the Argus Leader.

What caught my attention even more than the article, was a picture of Pat Costello speaking with his campaign manager, former SD GOP Executive Director Georgia Hanson. (not on-line)

As chronicled in the Argus, Georgia served in a similar role for Dave Munson's first campaign. And the disputed reporting requirement of a payment to her was one of the reasons that Munson came under fire in the first place. And here she is on top again after delivering a win over Dave Volk.

Funny how politics is cyclical, isn't it?


Anonymous said…
See that wasn't so hard now was it?

For a politician to give a straight answer about his political future.

Now, why won't Rounds give a straight answer to a question about his future?

Just say no, Mike.
mjb said…
Why are dems so paranoid about Mike saying whether he's running or not in 2?

Could it be they know they can't stop himi this year, and are already conceding defeat?
Anonymous said…
Good riddance, Volk. By the way, did the guy with the "family vision" win?
PP said…
Actually, he did.

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