Today's the big day in Sioux Falls

Today's the big day in Sioux Falls for the runoff between Munson and Master Thesp... er, Halverson.

Also on deck is the runoff between Dave Volk and Pat Costello. Although I was hoping Bud Abbott would have made it this far as well.

Now in Brookings, there's no runoff tonight, but I'm heading over there for the Lincoln Day Dinner. Sounds like it will be a good time, and if I remember my Daughter's camera, I might even get a few photos.

So, light posting today as I take off over the Lunch hour, when I usually do several posts.

Have a nice day - and I'll be posting tonight.


Anonymous said…
I'm hoping Jim Abbott runs for Gov. again and has Pat Costello as his Lt. Gov. running mate.

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