Another record month

From my stats showing page visitors by month (visitors, not hits) it looks like I'm on track for another record month. Thanks, ladies and gentlemen.

(and buy those ads - $20, $30, and $50/month) The rotating ones at the top can be hot linked and can use text with your pictures. At the top, they just have to be that size. On the sides, as long as they fit across, I'm pretty flexible on height.


Todd Epp said…
Looks like someone will be buying more bandwith! Congratulations!

Todd Epp
Mr. BIG said…
Yes, congrats, PP. You have a good niche. Informative, cogent and entertaining. I'm glad I found it. Thanks!
Anonymous said…
What's the difference between a visit and a hit?
Anonymous said…
You have a great site. It is fair and open.
Some other blog sites have shut down comments that don't share the same opinion that it does. While others have limited personal comments about people they like from being published and at the same time tear apart people they don't like.
It's blogs like yours that will ultimately remain.
Anonymous said…
Number 1 Blog site!! Keep up the good work. Find you not to be as weired as some of the others that I have read. Also glad to see you have let up on Jail, finally.
PP said…
The difference between a visit and a hit, is that if someone navigates within the site for comments, etc., that's still the same visit, but it's multiple hits.

And I haven't let up on JAIL, I just created an entirely different blog because I was writing on it so much.

Anonymous said…
I agree with the last anon.
Great site, very glad you have easied off the JAIL issue for now at least.
You also don't take yourself as seriously as some of the other sites. This is not CNN and it doesn't need to be. Some of the anon comments are meant to create activity and when you are talking about the behind-the-scenes stuff it becomes much more interesting.
Just reporting political events in the State can get dry. It helps to have some color added.
And after having said that, did you hear that Meatloaf..... just kidding.

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