Just a quick post on the Brookings County Lincoln Day Dinner

I just got back from the Brookings County Lincoln Day Dinner, and wanted to do a couple of quick posts before I went to bed. I'm heading back to Pierre in the AM, and I'll get to a more thorough report tomorrow afternoon.

Otherwise, here's master of ceremonies Ryan Brunner as he introduces a guest.

The hit of the evening for me? Check out this business card size campaign card by Mary Nosbush. While it breaks a lot of rules about campaign pieces I've internalized over the years - DAMN, is this a good looking piece.

Printed on a double sided glossy coated card stock, it's harder to read here than it actually is, this is first class all the way. I think I like it so much because it is "outside of the box." The message isn't cluttered and it isn't trying to tell all.

It's basically name, office, and her slogan that she's a conservative voice. Maybe it's not so outside of the box after all, but it does it effectively, and in a way that's a different flavor from what we're used to seeing.

I'm told that her Daughter designed it, and is also working on some other campaign items for her. (I can't wait to see them)

More on the dinner tomorrow.


Dist 4 Voter said…
Hopefully they'll work for her, and she'll send Street down the alley.
Anonymous said…
hey there, jael, her daughter is an sdsu student and a miracle at design. she just has a touch. this will be good for mary. i hope she wins. conservative is good in my language.
Anonymous said…
Dist 4 voter-

What problems do you have with Street? He may be the nicest person in the Capital.
Anonymous said…
Yeah, just what we need out in Pierre, another conservative vote. Why not stick with a moderate like Street?
Anonymous said…
Nice of Ryan Brunner to act as MC as this event given the shabby treatment Joint Appropriations gave him...
dist 4 voter said…
Don't you mean a liberal like Street? I don't think he's nice at all, the way he ridiculed conservatives and their bills in his weekly newspaper article. I think his voting record stinks!
Anonymous said…
Street is not a moderate at all. His voting record shows that he voted against the abortion ban. He also voted against the Constitutional Amendment to define marriage as "one man/one woman." The marriage amendment in particular, is a defining issue of our times. It transcends all religions, all cultures, all periods in history. Need I say anymore?
Anonymous said…

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