Long-time state employee gets nice honor

From the AP article as published in the Rapid City Journal:
A longtime state government employee has received an award recognizing his work on projects such as the restoration of the South Dakota Capitol and the state memorials to war veterans.

John Moisan of Pierre was awarded the 2006 Legacy of Leadership Public Employee Award, presented by the University of South Dakota. The award recognizes public employees for dedication on the job and within the community.

Gov. Mike Rounds calls Moisan the go-to guy for events and projects. Moisan is leading the effort to plan the dedication of a memorial to Vietnam veterans this fall. He previously organized dedications for World War II and Korean War veterans.
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John, a long time South Dakota Wildlife artist also enjoys several relations to South Dakota politics that many South Dakotans might not know. Among them, his mother Betty was the first female mayor of Watertown.

Another you might not know, is that John also enjoys the unique honor of being specifically named in state law. SDCL 1-6-1 has been kicking around since 1987 says:
State seal adopted--Reproductions. There is hereby adopted as the official colored seal of the State of South Dakota, a reproduction of the seal, described in article XXI, section 1 of the Constitution of the State of South Dakota, and made in conformity therewith but whose proportions and colored detail are set out specifically in accord with an original painting of the great seal produced by John G. Moisan of Fort Pierre and shall be the basis for all reproductions of the great seal of the State of South Dakota.
As you can see, John has been specifically codified by law as the official artist for the state seal for nearly twenty years.

Congratulations on being honored, John. You deserve it.


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