What does she mail with her Christmas Cards? A reindeer head?

Leave it to the abortion issue to bring the kooks out of the woodwork. The Black Hills Pioneer reports on how a New York woman is sending coathangers to South Dakota legislators in protest of the South Dakota vote on HB1215:
New York woman makes statement to South Dakota lawmakers
By Heather Ziegenbein, Black Hills Pioneer

Any legislator or senator in the state of South Dakota that voted for banning all abortions received a coat hanger and letter in the mail last Tuesday.

District 31 Representatives Chuck Turbiville, R-Deadwood, Tom Hills, R-Spearfish, and Sen. Jerry Apa, R-Lead, all voted in favor of the ban and received letters. All are equally irritated with the audacity of this individual who mailed the hangers and letter but respect her Constitutional right to express her differing opinion.

Monica Beck of New York City sent the letter basically stating that the South Dakota Legislature made the decision that they would rather have women dying while trying to perform illegal abortions than safely having a legal abortions. "History proves that a woman will attempt to terminate a crisis pregnancy even at grave risk to herself," Beck writes in her letter. She continues by saying that a woman and a fetus possess an equal right to life is a matter of faith, not fact. She later explains that the coat hanger she sent was a symbol of compassion for mothers, sisters, wives and daughters in South Dakota.
Read it all here. I've always wondered about these people who send stuff cross-country to people that have nothing to do with them. These legislators don't represent them, and in this case, she doesn't vote for them. But still, Monica Beck of New York City feels it incumbent upon herself to send them a coat hanger.

Someone across America trying to impress their views on South Dakotans in a radical way... Hmmm.... Kind of reminds me of another bunch of out-of-staters, this time from California.


Anonymous said…
Kinda reminds me of Rob Regier, coming here from Virginia to impose his radical views on us with the Family Policy Council.
Anonymous said…
I was actually in NYC when the gov signed the ban and ran into a group of women who were planning to send coathangers. I tried to convince them that if they wanted to help, it would be a lot more effective to send a check.
Nicholas Nemec said…
State legislators get all kinds of weird stuff in the mail. This is really pretty tame. I'm more suprised that the three legislators from Dist. 31 are making a big deal about this. They are just giving a possibly demented person a bigger soapbox to stand on. Not too bright if you ask me.

One time some rightwing, anti-government, nutbag group "served" me and every other legislator with about fifty pages of fake legal documents. I called the AG's office, they said the AG was aware of the group and it's actions and was keeping a file on them just in case. I never heard from the group again. I sure as hell didn't inform the media in order to see my name in the paper.

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