Argus: Sutton hearing will take place during week 2

The Argus Leader is reporting this afternoon that the accusations against Dan Sutton for allegedly fondling a high school boy won't be heard until week 2 of the legislative session:
The Senate had planned to begin a hearing to decide whether to discipline or expel Sen. Dan Sutton, D-Flandreau, as soon as the session opens Jan. 9.

But Sioux Falls lawyer Jim McMahon, who will handle the hearing for the Senate, has a scheduling conflict, so the hearing will not be held until at least Jan. 16, Sen. Ed Olson, R-Mitchell, chairman of the Legislature’s Executive Board, said today.
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Anonymous said…
I wonder how frank will vote.
Anonymous said…
My guess is if Sutton did break the Senate rules by sleeping in the same bed with a page, and I'm not saying he did, Frank would vote against Sutton.

Frank's views on legislation differ greatly from mine, but on a moral issue like this I think we would be on the same page.
Anonymous said…
3:53: "Frank's views on legislation differ greatly from mine, but on a moral issue like this I think we would be on the same page."

A little ambigous if you ask me...
Anonymous said…
So what? The point here is there is only one legislator in the House and the Senate who is capable of screwing up so badly that he can draw attention away from Dan Sutton and his underpants. It's Frank Kloucek. Unbelievable!!!!

I can't wait for Janklow to grill his silly ass about his allegations of drunken interns and pages under Sutton's care.

Frank, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth so help you?
Anonymous said…
You guys would be ON the same PAGE? Literally?
Anonymous said…
Terrible pun 10:31p
Anonymous said…
Just to clear up the murky waters, Janklow won't be grilling anybody. Firstly this is a conflict of intrest and secondly his sole purpose in those procedings is to ensure that the page's rights are kept. That is all that he is doing, he will not be prosecuting anyone, especially a friend from the same county, whose father was one of his closest friends and supporters
Anonymous said…
Firstly, firstly isn't a word.

Secondly, secondly isn't a word.

It's improper English. Try using the words "First" and "Second" instead. You'll sound slightly more intelligent.

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