Has anyone else noticed....

Has anyone else noticed that Arlo Levisen, the spokesman for the coalition of schools that are using tax dollars to bring a lawsuit against the State of South Dakota to spend more tax dollars on education, is also (according to the SDDP Website), a Democratic party official for Grant County?

It just got me thinking after driving by the 4x8 sign posted at the eastern edge of Miller which talks about how the Miller School board is spending tax dollars to sue the state for more money. If the stars align, I'll try to get a picture of it.


Anonymous said…
Has anybody noticed that the lead attorney taking the money from the schools to sue the state to get more money was once nominated by George Bush (supported by John Thune) to be US. Attorney for South Dakota. Also, his dad is a Republican Senator. Also, he used to be party chairperson for Lincoln County.
I just think that is interesting. The person that will make the most money off of this is a Republican. Yet the Democrats seem to get the blame for this.
tall tale said…
Arlo alos used to play Center for the Knicks.
Anonymous said…
...and it's Heidepriem's law firm that Abdallah works for, 10:28.
Anonymous said…
anon 3:36 am,
If Heidepriem is so bad, why does Abdallah keep working there? Or is Abdallah bad too?
Ghost of Joe McCarthy said…
Another example of old fashioned, get back to your roots Republican politics:

"Mr. Levisen, are you now or have you ever been an active member of the Democrat Party?"

This "red herring" won't get Republicans off of the hook for doing a miserable job of funding our schools.
feasant said…
If you give school boards more money the jerks build more gyms.

It is time to quit spending money and concentrate on quality vs quantity. If I was teaching I would demand merit pay. It is the only place I know that great workers make the same as the worst.

SDEA why don't you at least try merit pay? If you want to further education come up with a fair way to compensate good teachers and a fair way to get rid of the ones that need to be elsewhere.
VJ said…
"Arlo alos used to play Center for the Knicks."

For those of you that know Arlo, that is funny!

I suppose Brock used to play point guard?

Anonymous said…
No, but he did run cross-country!Really.

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