Breaking Story - Herseth IS engaged. (I was right, I was right)

The Rapid City Journal is reporting this AM that apparently my rumor was 100% on the money. Congresswoman Herseth did get engaged about a week ago:
Herseth, 36, is engaged to Max Sandlin, a former congressman from Texas whom she met in July of 2002.

She became engaged last weekend and waited until Friday night to make the announcement, Olson Duhamel said. She said the couple has not set a date but will be married in South Dakota.

“It’s good news,” she said.
Read it all here.


Anonymous said…
she is truly tasteless. Daschle is in DC bedside with Tim and the "Princess" is off doing fluffy birthday parties and celebrating her engagement. He next stop is measuring the drapes for her new Senate seat in DC. Pathetic
Anonymous said…
that seems a bit harsh, but I agree: this announcement was in very poor taste. At first I think ambition, thy name is Herseth.

But then i realize she could troll through any trailer park in South Dakota and come up with a better guy than this Max Sandlin. What a lame choice.
Joan said…
You guys are pathetic.

She was engaged last weekend, BEFORE Senator Johnson had any health complications. She obviously didn't announce the engagement for a week because of Tim's condition. That was the right thing to do. If she waited another week, you guys would be attacking her for trying to hide her engagement.

I understand that you don't like her politics, but this kind of attack is ridiculous. She's engaged. Good for her. I hope she and her future husband have a long and happy marriage.

Attacking someone for getting engaged is, truly, "tasteless."
Anonymous said…
has this blog really sunk this low? Anon 9:31 and anon 9:48 are we going to start ripping people's spouses? You two are what is wrong with the Republican party.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to her and her fiance. I know it's not possible for a lot of the people here, but I'm not sure attacking someone for getting engaged is anything less than tacky.

I don't agree with her on 99% of the issues, but she is a human being and she doesn't deserve to be attacked for this. Let's give it a rest.
Anonymous said…
lots of tut-tutting this morning, i see

well, the timing may be off, but the odd thing is her husband....our Stephanie could have done much better is what people are saying. it's like looking out for your daughter
SD Mom said…
Now stephanie... it's always tough when you try raising someone else's children. Try to be patient.

Now about your wedding night....
Anonymous said…
will Nancy Pelosi be at the wedding? or is she still mad about Max dumping her daughter
MB said…
it's hard to take Herseth seriously when she makes weird and dumb moves like this
Google said…
AKA Max Allen Sandlin, Jr.

Born: 29-Sep-1952
Birthplace: Texarkana, AR

Father: Max A. Sandlin, Sr.
Wife: Leslie Howell (four children)

Gender: Male
Religion: Baptist
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Politician
Party Affiliation: Democrat

Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Congressman from Texas, 1997-2005

High School: Atlanta High School, Atlanta, TX
University: BA, Baylor University (1975)
Law School: JD, Baylor University School of Law (1978)

U.S. Congressman, Texas 1st (1997-2005)
Texas State Official Judge, Marshall County Court of Law (1989-96)
Texas State Official Judge, Harrison County, TX (1986-89)
Boy Scouts of America District Director
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Bad move Stephanie. Now that men (of all ages, especially seniors) know you're off the market, your shining star will begin to tarnish.
Anonymous said…
Did Max propose when they were on their taxpayer-financed junket to South America last week? will reporters asK??
LonelyHeartClub said…
it sure looks like Stephanie pressed the panic button with this schmuck
Douglas said…
Gosh, I'm surprised one of the brave "anonymous" posters hasn't whined about the impact of her marriage on the charges they made that she was a lesbian.

Does make it look like South Dakota needs a good computer dating service of some kind however. Maybe all the nerd programmers have given up on trying to explain the choices good-lookng intelligent women make when selecting husbands.

But about an old joke..or at least a joke about old marrieds..

Husband and wife had been married for many years. Wife was whining that husband used to hold her hand. He groaned and rolled over in bed and tenderly grasped her hand.

Then she said, "We used to cuddle a lot." He snuggled closer. She purred a little and then said, "You used to nibble on the back of my neck."

Old husband jumped out of bed. Wife yelled, "Where are you going anyway?"

Husband replied, "Gotta find my teeth."
Anonymous said…
Puh-leez, all you nay-sayers. With all the bad stuff going on, it IS a bit of good news, as Duhamel said. Good for Stephanie.
And 11:24, cough up the details about the trip or shut up. If you know so much, post it so the press will pick it up. Or maybe you're just blowing smoke.
Anonymous said…
the press will never cover the details of Herseth's new husband and how they came together and what he does now because they want to protect her
Anonymous said…
or maybe it is just not that important.
Anonymous said…
agreed about the press. they will go on and on about people think Stephanie is personable and engaging and all her personal qualities, but they will not report the details about her husband. maybe right or wrong, but they will maintain a conspiracy of silence because they want to protect her
Anonymous said…
PP--did Kloucek say how he feels about MAX?
Anonymous said…
2:21, what that tells me is that you and 11:24 don't know what you're talking about. Innuendo is easy to come by. Facts aren't.
Anonymous said…
12:40 pm - Are we talking about the legitimate press or tabloids like the National Inquirer? Maybe you can get the Star and the Globe interested in the gossip, but the mainstream media seldom, if ever, dabbles in that crap unless there is a bigger issue than an engagement.
Anonymous said…
Max should get along fairly well with his new father-in-law. Lars in only six years older than Max! haha
SC said…
3:38--you are and a bunch of other wacky liberals have run an orchestrated whispering campaign for years saying the Thune had a girlfriend which is AN ABSOLUTE LIE designed just to hurt his family. Hey the TRUTH hurts--Stephanie is marring a 58 year old lobbyist with 4 kids and only left his wife in recent years....those are facts
Anonymous said…
Lars and Max can file for Social Security together and also go out a cruise young babes together
Anonymous said…
If he was born in Sept of '52 he would be 54 now.
Anonymous said…
PP, I hope you're proud of yourself for facilitating this kind of crap. This is what is ruining our democracy, and is the kind of stuff that turns young people - like your children and mine - away from politics. Whether it's Thune or Herseth, doesn't matter. But you post on personal issues, and allow these ridiculous comments, and you are complicit. Congratulations, and sleep well.
Anonymous said…
Nice to see Princess Stephi is going to get married in South Dakota. She returned to SD from the east coast to run for office and now she's returning to get married. Wonder when we'll see her again.
Anonymous said…
3:19: jeebus you dimwit. she's in SD all the freaking time. get a clue.
PP said…
11:21, you certainly have the right not to read this website if you don't like it.

As to some of you others, you'll notice that there's a few comments that are flat out gone as completely libelous and inappropriate.

Keep it up, and I'll either require registration or track IP's. I'd prefer your civility so I can keep it an open forum.
Anonymous said…
Stephanie is being set up in the worst way, in order to compromise her "vote" in D.C. on matters of strategic importance. Should she carry through and marry this Manchurian Candidate, her stance for South Dakota will be eroded over time in favor of Texas and Bush/Cheney & Co. It's all in "getting back" at her for her strong stand in fighting to keep Ellsworth Air Force Base open. "They" want it closed, and it will be closed - regardless! And "they" will compromise Stephanie so badly that she will eventually cave in and follow suit unto their "persuasions", even through her husband's direct influence over her decision making. Sorry, Stephanie, but take your blinders off! You are being set up in the worst way! Do your own "investigations" into this man's background - you'll find "some things" ...
Anonymous said…
What name will she use?

Stephanie Herseth

Stephanie Sandlin

Stepanie Herseth-Sandlin

Mrs. Max Herseth

Representative Sandlin

What will he use?

Max Herseth

Will she keep a home in SD as he keeps a home in DC.

Listen for Representative Stephanie Sandlin to say, "I'm a DC resident."

10:32 am - Sounds like Max is old enough to be Steph's daddy.

Congratulation Steph, glad to see Max make an honest woman out of you.
Anonymous said…
Who cares what his last name is after the wedding. She'll probably call upon her trail-blazin', carpet-baggin' friend in the Senate, Hilary Rodham Rodham, to find out where she can get a "Hilary Clinton testicle lock-box."
Anonymous said…
11:21 Hey Russ. Miss Herseth is getting married to a father figure. He does have children, I didn't know he was married to Pelosi's daughter, is that true?
Anonymous said…
SC, He's 54 and he didn't leave his wife. His wife divorced him, and if you consider 8 years ago recent years, then I suppose you're right.

And no, he wasn't married to Pelosi's daughter.
Anonymous said…
Are any of Max Herseth's kids older than Miss Thang?

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