New Scandal Brewing.
Oooooo. I don't think Senator Kloucek meant to send this to god and everyone.

WOW! I just got a copy of a really interesting e-mail that Frank Kloucek sent to Scott Heidepreim. And for some reason, he copied nearly everyone under the sun, including the media.

And it's not just that he sent an e-mail out to the media that may or may not have been intended to go to the media. He used it to completely trash a lot of people. And several of them are in his caucus.

I heard tonight from a good source that it's already costing Frank. Supposedly the Farmers Union people are so mad over it that they're considering kicking him out. Here's the first part:

From: Frank Kloucek [mailto:fkloucek@*******]
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 9:05 PM
To: (A very extensive list including several bloggers, people at the argus, the Mitchell paper, the Yankton paper, etc, and so on)

Subject: Trip to Pierre - Promoters of Tabor Czech Days Needed!

News release December 13,2006 for immediate release!
Contact Senator Frank 583-4468

Are you interested in going to Pierre to promote Tabor Czech Days? On the Monday Jan 15th and Tuesday Jan 16th our Czech Royalty and Supporters of Tabor Czech Days will be traveling to Pierre. The Discovery Center, Oahe Dam, Cultural Heritage
Center, Capitol introductions, Legislative Meetings, Czech Food, and authentic
Czech Music will round out the event. Please contact Tabor CorTrust Bank at
463-2577 to sign up and for more details.

Pretty innocuous, huh? Well. I think most people who saw this ignored what came after that part.

And as far as Jim McMahon is concerned, I do know him and I believe he is a decent, honest, and smart lawyer. I don’t believe I have a conflict in Dan Sutton’s case even though Bill Janklow represents the page. Russ Janklow is my partner, but that does not affect my judgment. I will do my best to accommodate your seating requests. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.

Wait a minute? What's this? It looks like what Frank sent out to the media regarding Czech Days had something extra attached to the bottom.

So what else was attached to this press release? It was an e-mail exchange between Frank and new Senate Minority Leader Scott Heidepreim that Frank included on the e-mail as part of his press release. And this exchange was sent to such media outlets as The Argus Leader, the Mitchell Daily Republic, the Yankton Newspaper, and such Democrats as Jack Billion.

And Frank absolutely goes out of his way to trash Dennis Wiese, Dan Sutton, B.J. Nesselhuf, South Dakota Farmer's Union, and selected others. I'm not going to print the whole thing at this point because some of it is beyond the pale. (What I printed here on BJ is just the slightest hint of how deep Frank goes into it). That, and the spelling/grammatical errors are really, really bad.

So what tidbits did Frank e-mail to the media? Here's a selection of what went out:

From: Frank Kloucek [mailto:fkloucek@*********]
Sent: Thursday, December 07, 2006 1:59 AM
To: Scott Heidepriem
Subject: Ideas to help make this session a success


Even though i have no use for sutton I have even less for weise. How can we use masons rules to kick some one out when we have not adopted anything before this allegedly happened I no that shuting the barn door after the horse left?


I vote for censure and an apology to wiese the family the senate and the people of south dakota. I will consider making such a motion if evidence shows it is prudent and will resolve the issue.

My request for committees Agriculture transportation health taxes and local govt in that order. However state affairs is my no 1 choice. With 16 years of experience and taking the abuse I think I have earned it

Seating arrangements: I will not sit with sutton or Nesselhauf They are immature and to sexually liberal for me. prefer Koetzle two bulls bartling jim peterson katus or any freshman repub but the one that beat kroger and koistra arnie hauge? do not get good vibes from him.


another issue that is very important to me was the fact that sutton continually redirected interns away from helping me for the last 4 years and consistently ordered them not to help me with research constituent replies phone calls help with computer and bill legwork. The list is long. He was in charge of interns and let them out often at 4 pm to go to free liquor room. The repub interns were working pat 6 and working hard and some of ours were getting drunk in the middle of the afternoon. I had to bring up my married little old ladies at my own expense to help me. They got more done in a few days than the sutton directed pages did in a month! Also he was in charge of the page parties which always bothered me because of my
intuition or gut feeling about him.

That tidbit right there would seem to almost draw Frank in as a witness to the whole Sutton/Page scandal, noting that Frank was aware that Sutton might have knowingly let college students of varying ages have access to alcohol.. And Frank seems to say that Sutton was in change of "page parties."

This is incredible, and the biggest part is that FRANK SENT IT TO THE MEDIA HIMSELF. Even better, to date, the media has ignored it as just another Czech days press release coming in the middle of the Tim Johnson medical crisis.

Well, the political reporters at the argus and mitchell papers need to check their deleted mails once again, because it looks like they let a juicy tidbit go as just another boring Kloucek release.

And as far as Frank goes for those people he needs to make amends to? Well..... I suggest humility. Humility is good for the soul.


Anonymous said…
wow. what an incredible mistake. So any bets on who his seatmate will be? And someone said that term limits made for a boring session. This one might actually be interesting.
Anonymous said…
sounds like Kloucek may be facing a defamation lawsuit too?!
PP said…
Who knows. Public officials, you know.

What I printed was only the tip of the iceberg.
Anonymous said…
"I will not sit with sutton or Nesselhauf They are immature and to sexually liberal for me"

my favorite part...what a player Frank is
Anonymous said…
as soon as Heidepriem gets done stabbing Sutton in the back he can go to work destroying Frank for this idiotic email.

now, Scott, you may remember why you were a Republican. Because the Dems in Pierre are freaks!
Anonymous said…
THANK YOU FRANK---just in time to prove what clowns most of the Democrats in Pierre really are...

when a statesman like Kloucek is calling for Sutton to be booted for his saucy "intern parties" you know it's getting good
Anonymous said…
C'mon pp, let's see the rest of it... This is hilarious stuff!! You've printed lots of things worse than this... Let's see the whole email.
Anonymous said…
Frank is politically freaky but personally and with his family he is actually "down to earth."

So while his persona may throw everyone off, personal comments like this from him should not be taken lightly.

As for the defamation thing...puleeeze? You haven't read the Janklow v. Viking Press case have you?
Anonymous said…
simply resistable. Yawn...

BTW how did WarCollege get the email?
Anonymous said…
Kloucek is now hunkered down in Scotland with his network of advisors contemplating their various media strategies
Anonymous said…
If I were Farmers Union I would kick him out, he is a constant embarrassment, exactly when will this guy fall onto the ash heap of history where he deserves to be. I don't know a lot about Farmers Union but if this is their public face, then I don't think much of them
Anonymous said…
any group that would be involved with the K man has got be a joke, I am looking at you Democrats and Farmers Union
Anonymous said…
Trashing the Dems and the farmer's union, this guy is beyond crazy, he must be mentally ill. not much ofr the Dems but farmer's union always seems to be good people frank is just an embarrassment to them
Anonymous said…
Is Frank really that stupid...oh wait nevermind I answered my own quesiton.
Anonymous said…
anon 9:55
It looks like he may be facing more than one lawsuit. I am a Farmers Union member, and I hope that they do something about this
Anonymous said…
We've always loved Gov. Kloucek! Frank want to share anymore e-mails?
been there said…
As a former legislator, I say "good for Frank". This stuff really isn't that unbelievable, and isn't without merit. Actually the "page party" reference is to the weekly or bi-weekly pizza party,near when the current group of pages would be leaving, held at Pizza Hut. Dan would organize it, collect the money, advertise it,etc. It was attended by legislators and their spouses, and the pages. Perfectly wholesome and legitimate.
Anonymous said…
Frank's problem with the pizza party is that he had to pay to attend. Frank will only go where there is a free meal.
been there said…
No, it was a free-will donation, collected ahead of time, anyone could attend for free.
PP said…
10:49 - it was sent to me anonymously.

After Frank sent it to 40 people+, those types of things start to get a wide distribution.
Anonymous said…
Heidepriem-Kloucek, 2010!

Statesmanship at Work
VJ said…
“I don't think Senator Kloucek meant to send this to god and everyone.”

Do I know how he must feel today!

I was working in Florida twenty-five years ago and I did almost the same thing. The majority of us say things about our fellow workers and friends that we probably wouldn’t say to their face. Sort of like coffee room talk where you talk about whomever is not there. Lol

Anyway, I had typed up a letter to one of my friends back in Minnesota and I was telling him about some of the crazy people I had to work with in the Florida office. I really made fun of some of them. But I was just sharing this with a close friend so I wasn’t concerned what I wrote in the letter.

Then I did one of the most brilliant things I have ever done in my life, I put the letter in the wrong envelope! Honest to God I did! I didn’t realize it until my friend called wondering why he received a letter about a certain company policy. I just about fainted! And yes, the other letter got into the wrong hands and ended up being shared with a lot of people.

I ended up calling everyone together and basically explained what I said above. Of course I apologized. Most understood the repeating of “coffee room talk”, but they expressed disappointment in my leadership that I would be dumb enough to put those things in writing and then be dumb enough to put it in the wrong envelope! I was embarrassed and humiliated and it still bothers me to this day when I happen to think of it! How could I ever of been that stupid!

Senator Kloucek, I honest to God feel for you! I really do! How in the world can we be that stupid! I don’t know. It just happens I guess. This mistake will be hell to live down. I have been there and done that and it’s no fun!
Anonymous said…
ah, the unbearable lightness of being Frank Kloucek

one thing about the internet is that it exposes the idiots sooner or later...they can't hide in Pierre anymore
Anonymous said…
I can see why Frank needed the interns' help for computer tasks.
Anonymous said…
Hey VJ:

Francis was not making fun of people, this was not "coffee talk" this was a letter to the minority leade, laden with venom and spite. The only thing this letter accomplishes is to show "the man of the people" for what he really is, a vengeful spiteful little man whose main choice for politics is to destroy people.

Make no mistake, he was not making fun of people to some outside source, he was slandering people to the very man that they need to work with, this was a hit piece through and through, and that is Kloucek's M.O.

This is a further embarrassment to the Democratic Party and to Farmers Union, and really exposes Frank for the man he is. The question is, do those groups want this man involved with them.

I know I would not want that kind of anger and venom around me
Anonymous said…
This is who we have representing us in Pierre???? Frank do us and the state a favour, you owe us, RESIGN and make this all go away!
Anonymous said…
I think Sen. Kloucek is absolutely right. “The repub interns were working past 6 and working hard.” That sounds good, as one of those repub interns I think I might ask Sen. Koucek for a reference letter.
Anonymous said…
Kloucek's remarks pale in comparison to Sen. Napoli's comments regarding Janklow during Janklow's congressional campaign. Or even Adelsteins public musing about his colleagues.

Frank should ask Santa for a copy of the Godfather III - "NEVER let them know what you're thinking".

Not a big deal.
Anonymous said…
If this was anybody else, the people mentioned might get offended. Since it is Frank, I imagine everyone can laugh it off. His sphere of influence is almost zero.
Anonymous said…
how do you laugh off that kind of nastiness, and who is the joke on
Anonymous said…
8:12 - "It just happens I guess."

You just laid you quilt before the alter of this board and then excused your behavior with the above statement, sweeping your actions under the rug, in front of us.

What you did was deliberate, unequivocally so. Now you would expect us to participate in this smoke screen for both Kloucek and again you.

"Once burned twice shy", is where everyone with commonsense should stand.
Douglas said…
Nothing quite like really, really nasty anonymous posters complaining about how nasty Frank Kloucek is.

I guess I will have to look closer at his e-mail. I really had very little interest in going to Pierre to promote Chech Days, so did not pay much attention to it.

There are some former SD Farmers Union members around here who would never vote for Weise for anything.

Frank Kloucek is surely not nearly as smooth as Sutton or Weise, but my guess is most of us would prefer being around Frank than many other much smoother politicians and perhaps many of the "anonymous" posters around here.

Incidentally, I completely disagree with his position on abortion, etc. but I do understand why he has that position too.
Anonymous said…
All this only proves what a number of people already knew. My question is why was a man like this ever given a position of leadership in either as a State Senator or Farmers Union Director. Is there something in the water in the SE part of our state that we need to be aware of? My condolences to Franks family for having to put up with his ranting and ravings in pursuit of power. I hope Franks living trust is bulletproof for your sakes.
Douglas said…
"I hope Franks living trust is bulletproof for your sakes."


Haven't seen anything like that since the SD GOP ran ads of MeGovern with rifle crosshairs over his face.
Farmers Union Loyalist said…
Character assassination of someone who hasn't been President of South Dakota Farmers Union for more than a year is unbecoming of a member of our organization's Board of Directors. Senator Kloucek has had a history of spinning malicious gossip with his cronies in Farmers Union and maligning the good names of good people. It's time for Frank to go. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the garbage that Frank and his stooges circulate. As far as Democrat legislators are concerned why do you allow a gossip like this in your midst? Allow him access to your meetings at your own peril.
Anonymous said…
yes douglas, all republicans have there own black helecopter and shoot dems on sight. Take the statement as far out of context as you can. douglas, go home!!
Anonymous said…
Post the entire email, PP.
Anonymous said…
FU Loyalist:

Answer this. I thought Farmers Union was supposed to be a non-profit and that it is supposed to be void of partisan politics. If that is true then why is Democrat Sen. Kloucek a member of its board? He's the biggest partisan Dem lib hack in state politics. It is obvious that he uses Farmers Union and his position on it to hold meetings to feather his political nest. How did that happen and why is he still running his partisan politics from the FU board of directors?

Who's the president now?
Farmers Union Loyalist said…
To anon 11:06 -

You bring up some very good points, so I will take them one by one. Hope you don't mind that I quote you.

ANON: "I thought Farmers Union was supposed to be a non-profit and that it is supposed to be void of partisan politics. If that is true then why is Democrat Sen. Kloucek a member of its board? He's the biggest partisan Dem lib hack in state politics."

FUL: You're absolutely correct. Farmers Union is supposed to be non-partisan, unless its seperate political action committee makes endorsements. Other than that, no partisan political favoritism. I have often wondered how Kloucek got around that since he uses Farmers Union interchangeably with his political agenda. He apparently does not care about even the appearance of it, yet I remember that he and his backstabber buddies were trashing Dennis Wiese when our organization made a contribution to the George and Eleanor McGovern Library because they claimed that was being too political.

ANON: "He's the biggest partisan Dem lib hack in state politics."

FUL: Another interesting point for a guy who gets elected several times from one of the most GOP districts in South Dakota. He sings one song to fool the folks at home and then he races off to Pierre and openly insults the Republican Party, Bill Janklow, Governor Rounds and the two Republicans who also represent his district.

ANON: "It is obvious that he uses Farmers Union and his position on it to hold meetings to feather his political nest."

FUL: Yes indeed. He talks for Farmers Union in the press one minute and then as a Democrat campaigner the next minute. No kidding, he's turned it into an art.

ANON: "How did that happen and why is he still running his partisan politics from the FU board of directors?"

FUL: Well you know Frankie. He does the humble goof one minute and then spills his rumors and lines up his allies to spread them and corrupt the organization. That's the beauty of the email. One minute he's Mr. Nicey-Nice and the next he's talking about people's sex lives and insulting the wives and children of people who make him jealous. You see he does that with Democrats in Pierre as much as he does with our proud and distinguished organization. He's very clever and once he wiggles into an organization he builds his poisonous nest. The funny thing is he constantly tells people that he is always the victim. Everybody's picking on poor little me.

ANON: "Who's the president now?"

FUL: A nice guy from Brown County Doug Somke.
Anonymous said…
Be aware that the email may be a hoax. I have read the whole letter and some parts in it don't seem to be written by the same person.
been there said…
"the biggest partisan dem lib hack". I really don't think that fits Frank. He can, as you see, trash dems as well as gops. He is not as liberal as several other dem legislators, and he is pro-life. He is more of a populist, and a trailblazer.
As for Doug Sombke, I believe he farms near Conde, and he is a very nice guy, he's done some lobbying for FU in the past.
Anonymous said…
I think Kloucek was just another one of Heidepriem's victims....
Tara said…
First of all, Scott Heidepriem is the man and will be SD's next Governor.

Secondly, Frank is "Mr. Constituent". He doesn't get elected by his peers. He gets elected by doing all of those people bills.

Did anyone see him set the trap on the floor with Sen. Turbak's fur coat. That was the greatest...

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