The Daschle - Obama Connection

One observant reader pointed out an article on the Washington Post's weblog on how the Daschle and Obama political orbits have intermingled, allowing Obama to snag many of the former Senator's staffers for his presidential run:

Daschle has yet to endorse any candidate for president although he did have kind words for Obama recently, saying: "I think because of the tremendous amount of enthusiasm and support that Sen. Obama has around the country, you'd be foolish not to give it some very careful thought."

Here's a look at the major former Daschle staffers now in Obama's orbit:

*Pete Rouse: Rouse served as Daschle's chief of staff for 20 years before the South Dakota Senator's defeat in 2004. Shortly afterward, he was selected to serve in that same post for Obama.

*Robert Gibbs: Obama's communications director, Gibbs served in that same role at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in the 2002 cycle. He was handpicked by the Daschle operation for that job.

*Steve Hildebrand: Daschle's campaign manager in 2004 (and South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson's in 2002), Hildebrand accompanied Obama on a recent trip to Iowa and has been reaching out to potential staff behind the scenes. Hildebrand also ran the Iowa caucuses for then Vice President Al Gore in 2000.

*Anita Dunn: Dunn, a longtime Daschle aide, has been tasked with straightening out Obama's Hopefund PAC through the end of this year. She will not be a part of any Obama bid as she is committed as a senior strategist for Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh (D).

*Todd Webster: Webster is a former spokesman for Daschle and the brains behind, a draft site for the Illinois Senator that has collected some 11,000 signatures urging him to run.

Read it all here.


Fuzz said…
what a bunch of washed up hacks...Steve Hildebrand is like 2-10 in political races (and he stole the Johnson win) so if i was Obama i'd avoid the Hildebrand curse
LoveLibs said…
if they can take down Hillary Inc. then all for these fine gentlemen...Hillary is the worst thing to happen to progressives since her husband...don't sell us out Barak!
vv said…
maybe Hildebrand can find a friendly judge and bring a lawsuit to prevent Hillary from running
Anonymous said…
maybe Roger Hunt can do the fundraising.
Anonymous said…
you are all sore because of Hildebrand's skills...he will take Obama to White House!!
Anonymous said…
i wonder what Daschle thinks of his entire team betraying him?
Anonymous said…
Hildy Heart Barack!
Anonymous said…
PP, Most of these are just people are just like you are. Except they seem to be able to find a job they want.

The first two obviously were left out of work after Daschle lost. What were they to do? The Democrats didn't control anything or they could have hidden themselves in the bureaucracy like some people we've heard about.

Other than that, you list NOBODY who is working full-time for the OBAMA effort.
Anonymous said…
in this race, Hillary will end up in first place with Obama and Hildebrand bringing up the rear
Anonymous said…
Fuzz - let this "johnson stole the election" lie go once and for all. It is getting old.
feasant said…
Hey 10:25, Hilde took Daschle to the unemployment line. Obama better steer clear of a 2-10 looser. I hope Hilde goes to work for Hillary, now that is a pair.
VJ said…
Just saw on CNN that Hillary is leading over all the other Democrats in the presidential poll!

The best news that we Republicans have heard in a long time!

YES, Run Hillary Run!!!
Anonymous said…
Should GOPers run McCain (Sen. Panderer), Guiliani (Mayor - Will and Grace!!), or Romney (Gov. -

Give us your choices!!!
Anonymous said…
I'm a conservative GOP member and would vote for Romny. He's a Mormon, but I guess that's OK. McCain is going to conservative, and Rudy is going to liberal.

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