Lawmaker issues apology in Argus. Not that you can find it.

Returning State Representative Rich Engels has an apology today in the Argus Leader for his comments to Gordy Swanson regarding working with the county.

Not that you can find it on-line in the A.L.'s horrible mish mash of a website.

So here's a couple of blurbs I'm typing in:
As I mentioned to Argus Leader reporter Josh Verges, I immediately
regretted my comments to Deputy State's Attorney Gordy Swanson, as they did not
reflect the way I truly feel about working with the county.


I had already decided after talking to many people that I would not
introduce a bill (requiring county jails to allow weddings). I did post a
comment to that effect on the blog which you can
read yourself, even before the Argus Leader editorial.
Go read it all in the Argus' dead tree edition on page 3B. Otherwise, as Representative Engels noted, you can read his comments here on this website.


Anonymous said…
I saw Rich's apology this morning and no problem seeing it. Perhaps you need to see an eye doctor.

The apology left nothing out. It was heart-felt. It was the most sincere and complete apology I have ever seen coming from an elected leader, and would challenge you to find one that's more so.

What more do you want? It's placement (again, easily seen) was the responsibility of the Argus, not its author. Now back off.
Todd Epp said…
We are all imperfect. Rich Engels realized he made a mistake, apologized and decided to take a more prudent course of action. That strikes me as a person of good character.

Unlike 8:03, I didn't take PP's story as a dig at Rich Engels but the Argus. And Pat, I read it here first, so thanks for the posting. I check you before I check the Argus, even though you are a Republican! (grin)

Todd Epp
S.D. Watch
Anonymous said…
"Leader" 8:03?

Leaders don't make threats, veiled or otherwise.

Leaders don't use position to brow-beat others, particularly a dedicated public servant like Gordy Swanson.

Leaders use good judgement at all times.

Leaders apologize for mistakes made in good faith, not for boorish, childish behavior.

Leaders put the public good over opportunities for personal gain at all times.

A Leader? Not hardly.
Anonymous said…
Grrr... Grrr....

8:03 is certainly "angryman" this AM, when PP was clearly talking abou the Argus website.

Or did you miss the part where PP supported Rich's statement of not bringing legislation on his website by providing the link back to it.

Maybe 8:03 needs to back off and chew a bone. Or some paxil.
Anonymous said…
Rich Engels just needs to keep opening his mouth and the public will quickly find out why he was voted out after his first term in the house. I'm pretty sure this will be his last. They just must have a short memory.
Anonymous said…
Anon 8:19 AM

"Leaders don't make threats, veiled or otherwise."

What planet are you from?

At least Rich recognized he was out of line and apologized. He took ownership of the mistake, didn't make some wild claim that he was misquoted or misunderstood. He came out and apologized. We all know that takes some guts.

In your "this is a leader rant", you could have pointed out that leaders are willing to admit mistakes and try to make amends. You did not. If you think leaders are perfect moral beings then you have a pretty warped social view.

Your comments are a partisan attack and nothing less. If you don't like Rich just say it, but don't give us Bull$hit about what a "leader" is or isn't.
Anonymous said…
Rich is a determined guy and like most South Dakotans has a temper.

To be honest I don't respect someone without a temper. In this case the issue was not worth getting that upset over and with his apology he realizes that.

I think Rich will be around for a while and I like the guy.
Anonymous said…
9:25 AM

"Anonymous said...
Rich Engels just needs to keep opening his mouth and the public will quickly find out why he was voted out after his first term in the house."

***This is a good point. Rich needs to know when to fight and when to back off.***
Anonymous said…
My biggest concern about this issue, is that we may have seen Rich make a slip, but usually when someone slips, it reveals the core of their true personality.

Rich needs to understand two things, first, being a State Reprenstative doesn't give you all that much power and influence over the rest of the world. He's been there once, and should have recognized that.

Secondly, even if he feels that he is now a powerful person, he needs to control his ego. To be threatening people with the "power" of his elected position before he even gets sworn in, is a big red flag to me.

Rep.-elect Engels should learn quickly, that a small amount of power can grow if you use your power to generate positive results for your community and your state. Using it to threaten people in the manner that he did will do nothing more than ruin his credibility, and any power status he may have.
Anonymous said…
Rich Engels obviously doesn't think before he opens his mouth. A good leader THINKS before they speak! History is repeating itself with Rich. He won't be around long.
Anonymous said…
Anon 10:49 AM

"A good leader THINKS before they speak!"

Looks like you found another one off the coaches door.

Next you will be telling me a good leader never tells a lie or never hurts the feelings of others.

Please stop the locker room rules of life and how to be a Champion.
I can't take it.
VJ said…
For God's sake post 8:19 AM Please use Rich Engels name in your post!

A friend called me a few minutes ago and he was all upset about your post. He thought you were taking shots at Governor Janklow and he wanted me sign on and give you hell! We just weren’t going to let you take shots at Janklow without some type of reply!

I hurriedly checked it out and found out you were talking about Rich Engel and that's OK because he deserves it!

So from now on would you please use the person's name that you are criticizing!

Now I can get back to work!
Anonymous said…

If you "can't take it" then don't read it.

Rich Engels should not ever be in any position of power. Ever heard of short mans syndrome?
Anonymous said…
In my experience, there aren't many attorneys, let alone individuals, that are as accommodating, magnanimous, and as well regarded as Gordy Swanson. Aside from his present employment, Gordy has been an enlisted man, a federal law clerk, a defense attorney, and a State's Attorney. He was recently judicial candidate and has previously passed judicial qualifications for background and fitness requirements commensurate with being a judge.

My point? If Rich Engels has a problem dealing with Gordy Swanson, then it is Rich Engels that is the charlatan in this scenario.

No matter what political ideology you may ascribe to, there cannot be anything even approaching marginal support for Engel's inmate nuptial proposition. He needs to better dissociate Rich Engels the criminal defense attorney from the elected public official.
Anonymous said…
Rich is a member of MENSA. He is so smart he doesn't need to think before he speaks. We are lucky to have such an intelligent person in South Dakota.
Anonymous said…
Ha Ha!!! LOL... I'm dying here!!! I'm sure not many people will get that joke, but whoever you are, you are hillarious!!!

Yes, the voters of District 9 have raised the IQ of the States Legislature by voting for Rich Engels. Aren't we lucky! NOT!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 10:39 am

Just how well do you know Gordy Swanson? If he is such a "good" guy, why did he even inform the Argus about Rich's comment? Not a good way to show the public that he would make a fair and impartial judge someday.

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