Senator.... Senator...? Are you home?

I just heard a good one. One of the dozen or so reporters who had Kloucek's press release sent to their employer was trying to get ahold of him all afternoon. And, not having much success.

Apparently, Frank's voice mail is full at the moment. For the life of me, I can't imagine why. Just because he trashes his colleagues and others.

Just to be a helper, in case any of you miss him at home this weekend, don't forget the first part of his press release. You know, the part that says:
On the Monday Jan 15th and Tuesday Jan 16th our Czech Royalty and Supporters of Tabor Czech Days will be traveling to Pierre.
Frank will be at the Pierre discovery center, among other places, where I'm sure you can contact him and ask him why he sent the other half of the press release out to the Argus Leader, the Yankton paper, the Aberdeen paper, and many others, with such entertaining statements as:
At the last two state farmers union convention Dennis weise had people follow me around the convention and listen to my comments and try to discredit me because i disagreed with him on his policy and wastefull and ibelief unethiucal illegal spending of sdfu money. HIS wife julie harragned me and followed me to the mens bathroom on the last afternoon during the final election last feb. She should have been following her son and her husband.


The repub interns were working pat 6 and working hard and some of ours were getting drunk in the middle of the afternoon.
Stay tuned..


Anonymous said…
Having had a copy of this letter forwarded to me, you haven't named all of the folks who get raked over the coals by the good senator. Seems he knows all the "ins and outs" about other people's personal lives and he's not afraid to spill the beans whether you asked for it or not.

Why does he always portray himself as the victim? Looks to me like there might be some civil actions from innocent people who didn't deserve this kind of libel including Mrs. Wiese and her son.
Anonymous said…
Kan we prizoom the speling is acurrate in thiz post?
Anonymous said…

Ever heard of "spell Czech" ?
Marcus said…
amazing how this man of the people refuses to face up to his own issues, but he is just fine with pointing out others. I have seen this letter, and for those of you feeling bad for old Frankie, wait until you see this. This is the diatribe of a man who is full of nothing but hate, awkwardly moving from attacker to victim. I am really wondering if anyone this man knows can walk straight with the hatchets in their backs.

Time was when kloucek was a joke, now he is clearly a sad and bitter man who has no place in South Dakota politics or the Farmers Union.

Pathetic does not even skim the surface
Anonymous said…
It's pretty pathetic watching PP desperately trying to make a story out of this...
Anonymous said…
Obviously, Frank can't spell or even construct an entire sentence, so who's dumber....Frank, or the people who keep sending him back to represent them?
Anonymous said…
Frank has burned a major bridge within his own party and I bet some organizations. Best call the fire trucks for the 3 alarm fire.
Anonymous said…
This is going to be one heck of a session!
Anonymous said…
I don't think libel suits will happen or defamation. That means depositions and opportunties to get all kinds of politically sensitive stuff on the record.

I say let the libel fly and watch the defeatocrats tear each other up. My bet is it will get quiet real quick.

Just think what if the stuff Frankie K said is actually true? Then we will see who was actually the dumbass
Anonymous said…
7:26 pm - I am an English major and a topnotch speller, but I also know there are some people who simply cannot spell. That doesn't automatically reflect whether or not they are intelligent.
However, there are enough other signs here to indicate that Kloucek definitely is lacking a lot of things.

And 6:16 pm - Sorry, but when you have legislator screw up as much as Frankie did, it's a story. Anyone and everyone who follows the South Dakota political scene is talking about it.
I could feel sorry for the guy if he hadn't been slamming everyone. Both of his faces have been exposed now.
Anonymous said…
And 6:16, the liberal blogs have made stories out of much less.
Anonymous said…
"Anyone and everyone who follows the South Dakota political scene is talking about it."

All 25 of you?
Anonymous said…
That's 26, with you!

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