RCJ Columnist Michael Sanborn gives Bill Napoli the dickens. And gets back a lot more than he gave.

The Rapid City Journal printed a column today by Michael Sanborn, one of their columnists in their slight "argusification" of that newspaper, allowing for more local columnists and user generated content. And what a column it was.

Was it critical? Yes. But it went far beyond what one expects in a mainstream publication, and even farther than what you might find on many weblogs. In fact, Mt. Blogmore takes up the topic, and almost unanimously, the columnist is getting holy hell for his venom and unprofessionalism. First, here's a snippet from the article:
I've tried to get my arms around the idea of handling this diplomatically. I've waited patiently for someone else to take up the issue and report the truth. Nobody has. Politicians have danced around this issue.

So it falls to me to tell the world (or at least a few readers) what thousands already know but will not say: Sen. Bill Napoli is hopelessly and irretrievably stupid.

Pick a synonym you think might be more diplomatic: dense, dull, dumb, congenitally sluggish, dazed, inane, fatuous, thick-headed, cloddish, ignorant. All describe him and his antics. In the end, simplicity says it best: Sen. Bill Napoli is just plain stupid.

There can be no other explanation for his often angry and mean-spirited support of dumb causes and his acidic behavior toward those with whom he disagrees. He's rather like Forrest Gump ... with rabies.


I hope other lawmakers recognize his heart is usually in the right place, but his mind is routinely somewhere else.

Like Bill Janklow, a politician with whom he often sparred, Napoli has been described as having a scattergun mouth. The difference is that Janklow's aim was almost always true, and Napoli keeps hitting himself in the foot, which he then shoves in his own mouth. He does it over and over again.

And, that's just plain stupid.

Read that all here. And what is Mr. Sanborn getting in return? Surprisingly, not a lot of people agreeing with him. Check out what Mt. Blogmore has to say about it:

* Democratic state Sen.-elect Tom Katus defended Republican state Sen. Bill Napoli and blasted RCJ columist Mike Sanborn for “excessive slash and burn” in Sanborn’s column today.

* (Charley House) I guess I’d rather be stupid than be mean. On the evidence, Sanborn is mean.

* ("robert") I think Sanborn’s column in the paper was uncalled for and very childish for calling him stupid. I knew as soon as I read it that it would actually make Sanborn look bad and give the democratic party a bad name.
for just a few who stood up in Napoli's defense. Of course, the best part is that the end of the article invites you to write to Mr. Sanborn at "mikes@sanbornads.com" And looking up Sanbornads.com...

Apparently this columnist who spewed forth the column he's now taking grief on is in fact... in the public relations business.

I think the thing to point out, as I had once recently with regards to my own conduct, is that it's more than fair to say you disagree, and why. It's entirely reasonable to set forth a factual basis for your argument. But keep in mind that those politicians you are criticizing got elected, and most of us haven't. They've at least earned our respect for that.

Is Bill stupid? Absolutely not. I've spoken with him on several occasions and found him to be quite engaging. He did not get elected by default. He got elected because of his ability. You might not agree with him, and he might say things from time to time that make a person cringe. But that's his world view, and whether any of us like it or not, he's entitled to it.

If Mr. Sanborn doesn't like Bill (as it would seem) he had ample opportunity to run against him if he so chose to. There he could have placed his qualifications against Bill's, and let the public at large decide.

Instead, he's choosing to bray his message in the pages of the Rapid City Journal. And contrary to his apparent wishes, it sounds like he's become the target of scrutiny instead of Senator Napoli.


Anonymous said…
Napoli is ignorant and does not know how to keep his mouth shut and is the worst weight to the Republican party.
Anonymous said…
Truth is a defense to everything.

And if you're looking for proof, just watch Napoli's "sodomized religious virgin" speech. It's on youtube. Proof positive that he's not smart.
Anonymous said…
What in the article is incorrect? The conclusion reached are reasonable although ingorance alone doesn't make someone stupid. Just ingorant.
Anonymous said…
ignorant...maybe I'm stupid.

Anonymous said…
Bill is not stupid. But he will belittle you if you disagree. I have been on the receiving end of one of his tyrants.

I have a few choice words for him, stupid isn't one of them.
Anonymous said…
The man has principles, you deprave him for running others down, yet here you are writing on a blog calling him names and patting yourselves on the back for being "intelligent". Congratulations to you!
Anonymous said…
"you deprave him for running others down"

Wrong thread. The Janklow thread is above this one.
Bill Napoli said…
Let me get this straight!
You are proud of a guy like Sanborn and you call me stupid and ignorant. Unbelievable!
To defend a hate filled article like Sanborn's shows how twisted some of your thinking is. You hate me because you claim I spewed venom across the world. Just exactly what has Sanborn done, except spew venom across the pages of the Rapid City Journal?
Someone mentioned not too long ago, that most of the bloggers are pretty twisted. And I am beginning to believe it. It's OK for Sanborn to slander me in the worst terms, and call it journalism. But it's not OK for me to say anything about anyone or any issue. I've never EVER called anyone Forest Gump with rabies.
Regardless of your unkind comments, I have been elected to represent the people of my district and will do so.
Merry Christmas!
Brock said…
Yeah, Bill isn't stupid, HE'S CRAZY AS A LOON!
Anonymous said…
Sanborn's column was over the top, but at least it didn't make national news and cause South Dakotans to look like a bunch of fools in the same manner that Napoli's comments did.

If nothing else, I hope that Napoli has learned to keep his opinions about rape victims to himself. If he's not ashamed of what he said, he should be. Heaven knows that most of the rest of us in this state are.
the doctor said…
9:27-No, He's crazy like a FOX. hahaha. He has a wonderful talent for pushing the buttons of the pseudo-educated, pseudo-intellectual and self important elite; the New Castrati, as they have become to be known. Some of whom have posted above. I've enjoyed watching him handle these whimps for years. He doesn't have a degree, but he's miles ahead of MOST who do and he's a good man.
Sanborn is a little man, a bitter man, who can't handle the truth. It is clear that his heart is two sizes too small.
Merry Christmas to all!

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