A nod to 2005 as I look at 2006.

As I'm starting to work on my list for the top ten political stories of 2006, I wanted to briefly do a recap on what I had viewed as the top political stories of 2005. Does it matter? A bit.

I wanted to see if any of the stories had carried over any momentum into 2006. And not surprisingly, a few did. I won't give away what I think this years' top ten political stories are just yet, but here's 2005's to chew on.

SDWC Top Political Stories of 2005.

10. JAIL Amendment
9. Special Session for Homestake
8. S.T.O.P.
7. Democratic Bloggers
6. Argus Leader’s Assault on the Governor
5. Signs of life - Grassroots Democrats place billboards/ Howard Dean kicks in $85k to SD Democrats
4. Abortion Task Force Walkout
3. Mt. Blogmore
2. Mainstream Coalition Forms
1. Ellsworth AFB Saved


Anonymous said…
What's STOP?
Anonymous said…
2006 Top Stories

10. SD Dem. party shows signs of life
9. Rounds cruises to another 4 years
8. J.A.I.L is joke
7. Sen. Sutton Imbroglio
6. Wings Clipped: Gov. flight ban passes
5. Ethanol Boom
4. Drought Continues
3. Key Dem. pickups (Heidepriem, Jerstand, Turbak, Katus) alter power in Senate
2. GOP elects moderate legislative leaders
1. SD Rejects Abortion Ban

Hopefully, Sen. Johnson makes a full recovery and stays off this list. Keep praying.
Anonymous said…
STOP, was the slogan for amendment D,

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