Big bill? Or quickly killed?

Senate Bill 69 - An Act to revise the funding of K-12 education in the state.

The consolidation bill. Is this going to be the big measure of session?


nonnie said…
Good grief, I looked at the bill and about choked. Not about the consolidation part, about the formula itself. It's so convoluted that you need a legal and acounting degree to possibly figure it out. Why not just allocate funds based on the number of students actually attending the district? Something people can easily understand and see just how the money is being distributed. Possibly because they don't want anyone to actually understand it.
Anonymous said…
I assume the forced consolidation is to save money?

Is the State going to redistribute the money to k-12, or take it into the general fund ?
Anonymous said…
Consolidation in today's technological society is truly stupid!
Move ONE teacher instead of 30 students -- there is no reason why that teacher has to be employed by ONE school district. Coop--use video and on line instruction.
In fact much smaller schools with combined grades and more technology will actually produce students that are better educated and better prepared for adult responsibilities---(Take a close look at the homeschooled population!!)but this is probably too much change for the average South Dakotan---doing it the same way that we have done it for years--closing one school at a time and using more and more gas and wasting our young people's live in travel time at a younger and younger age will seem easier and more acceptable to the average small town high school and state school grad. Besides--if we have smaller school populations whatever would we do for SPORTS TEAMS!
Anonymous said…
Is consolidation an attack on rural areas, hurting farmers, ranchers, and county schools on reservations?

People are already leaving rual areas and now those areas will become more unattractive.

12:33 am - makes a great point.

This bill seems designed to finish off potential in less populated areas.

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