AP: Tim Johnson on the mend.

The Associated Press is reporting tonight that US Senator Tim Johnson has been transferred out of intensive care and appears to be on the road to recovery:

An MRI on Wednesday showed the speech centers in the senator's brain were spared injury in the initial hemorrhage Dec. 13, said Johnson's neurosurgeon, Dr. Vivek Deshmukh.

"This is confirmed by the fact that he is following commands and has started to say words," Deshmukh said in a statement released by Johnson's office.

Johnson will be participating in "aggressive therapy" in the inpatient rehabilitation unit at George Washington University Hospital, the statement said.

Johnson's doctors have said that when he arrived at the hospital, he was feeling weakness on his right side, and that condition will require physical therapy.

The senator has responded correctly when asked his name, Fisher said, though there is not much sound coming out of his mouth because of the tracheotomy tube still in his throat.

"It is clear that he understands that people are introducing themselves, he is looking at name badges to try and associate it with the person, he is saying words and
responding to commands," she said. "It's clear the electricity is on and the system is humming."

The progress is slow, Fisher said, but he is improving.

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Lee said…
Hang in there Tim. You'll never be the same, but you must be greatful you're alive.

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