Minnehaha County GOP e-mail Spoof

Someone was trying to mess with the Minnehaha County GOP, and more specifically, chairman Sara Burnette. While dirty e-mail tricks have been around as long as e-mail has, they typically haven't happened with Republicans in South Dakota. Until now.

An unidentified party sent out an e-mail purporting to be from Sara containing the following notice:
Finally, after much thought and prayer, I have decided not to seek another term as your Chair. My personal circumstances require that I devote my time to my family and my career.


We will be scheduling a Central Committee meeting for mid to late January for the election of new officers. If you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible.

It has truly been my honor to serve this great Party and to work with each and
every one of you.
They're nice sentiments, but the part about Sara not running? Completely untrue. Once that was discovered, another e-mail came out - this time actually authored by Sara:
The email you received last evening regarding my decision not to run for Chair was not written by me, authorized by me, or sent by me.

With that said, this will serve as Notice of an Executive Board Meeting to be held next Wednesday, Jan. 10, at noon at headquarters.
There's not a lot of details running around out there about who might have committed such a deed. But let it be said - whoever did so is certainly not a 'friend of the elephant.'

As a postscript: Personally, I hope any SDWC readers in Sioux Falls will lend their support to Sara's continued chairmanship. I've spoken with her on a few occasions, and she's top notch in my book, and a chairman who 'gets it' that the grassroots of the party matter.


Anonymous said…
Must have been Knudson or Heidepreim.
Anonymous said…
or maybe Dempster?

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