Just a couple of changes... and a little gossip

I finally had a moment to change up the stuff at the top of the website. So, if you're not seeing the new photos at the top of the website, hit your browser's refresh button. Several new faces, and a few old ones.

And as opposed to my South Park version of Stan Adelstein, we have Jim Hundstad on a Segeway, and Pierre City Commissioner (and former State GOP ED) Jason Glodt hanging with his stuffed friends...

Now that I look at it, I think everyone in the banner will be up at the Capitol during session for one reason or another.

Speaking of session, I had it confirmed by an inside source that Senate Page numbers ARE DOWN as I predicted. Most years they pick 40 from a big stack of applications, with many people who want it having to be turned down.

This year, look for 30-31 of them, and the word is that they barely had 35-40 applicants, period.

And one SDWC commenter - someone calling themselves "looking for the GOP chicks" - has far too much time on their hands. Way too much time..

You know, cold showers will help with that.


Anonymous said…
That is so sad about the page numbers being down. It's a wonderful opportunity for kids.
Aaron Lorenzen said…
I was a Senate page last year, and it is a WONDERFUL opportunity, I have made friends for life, and it sparked my ever evolving interest and love for politics.

I was at the RC Central vs. Pierre basketball game and I talked to the page advisor, and she confirmed to me that they were down round 8 Senate pages. She stated some other reasons for the decline besides the obvious Dan Sutton case.

Hopefully they can get the participation up in the upcoming years.
Anonymous said…
Thank God! There are finally new faces at the top of the screen. PP- you saved the day!
Anonymous said…
But I could sure do without seeing Nancy Turbak's face every day!
Anonymous said…
At least switch her to the end of the rotation so we don't see her as often.
Anonymous said…
looks like Kim Vanneman will be an "ideal" legislator!

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