It's beginning to look a lot like session..

Sometimes there are days when you can tell the legislature is in session. Big TV trucks, and gatherings of people with signs.

I caught this on the way home for Lunch today. A small group had gathered to thank the heroes of 1215.

Now, if the rest of us could figure out which side they were thanking..


PP said…
Late report - I did hear at supper tonight that it was a Yes on 6 crew.
Anonymous said…
Obviously by the fact they are clean-cut, well-dressed, and have children included, it isn't the NARAL brigade.
Anonymous said…
Yes, with $510,000 of cash coming in to the Vote Yes campaign coffers spent on "Consulting" "Salaries" and "Research" to parties unnamed, I'll bet Hunt and crew were heros to those who got to pocket this.
Gina Odegaard said…
I think Roger Hunt was used and discarded and not paid a dime for his work.
Gina Odegaard said…
I heard Patrick Davis from the Republican National Committee and former executive director of the South Dakota Republican party was the big prize winner of the consultants. I wonder if he took home large checks for his “consulting” and “research".
Anonymous said…
Yeah, and Davis did a lousy job on top of that.

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