A few more inaugural photos

As I review the pictures I got last night, a couple of things were apparent. First, the lighting in the Capitol remains the worst possible environment for photography. It's nobody's fault, it's just a big building with limited natural light in the hallways. Too many of my photos are a unrecognizable black fog.

Second, I was way too busy to snap many photos.

I did manage to get one of NSU's trumpet group Dominant 7 as they practiced some of the music they played at the inauguration.

This is of the crowd as they danced. Notice the light coming up from the first floor through the glass blocks embedded in the cement.

And here's a photo of local big band group Over forte'. Among the members are my old swim team coach (and current CUC Director) Ron Woodburn, as well as my Doctor, Dr. Tom Huber.

There was a second band playing after them, the Fabulous Jadesmen from Sioux Falls. Included in that group is former Sioux Falls Mayoral Candidate Bruce Halverson.

If you've got good photos of the event, e-mail them to me here, and I'd love to post them.


Anonymous said…
It was a great event which common people like me could attend and enjoy. How many State inaugurals can you see parents teaching their children how to dance? It reminded my wife and I of a big wedding dance. One of the things which makes it so enjoyable is the use of the peoples house for all of the days events.
Nicholas Nemec said…
Check out "The Hog House Blog". Denise has some good photos posted there.

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