What a stand up guy......

Not much political on this story, although my friend Lance Russell was in Pierre this week to watch some of the proceedings, as he's facing the same defense attorney in the murder trial down in Hot Springs. What absolutely floored me on this is the utter ridiculousness of the defense. Read what Brad Reay says really happened when his wife was killed....

Did Brad Reay brutally and premeditatedly stab his 41-year-old wife Tamera five times in the back of her shoulder, 19 times across her chest and then slit her throat?

Or is it possible that the Reay's 12-year-old daughter committed the violent act while apparently sleepwalking, as defense attorney Timothy Rensch said during opening statements Wednesday morning?


"Something very bad happened," Rensch said, "something that no family should ever have happen. It was horrific and terrible.

"Keep and open mind - (the girl) killed her mother. It may seem unbelievable, but truth is stranger than fiction."

According to Rensch's opening statement, Brad Reay will testify that he was awakened in the middle of the night by a noise. He thought it was the cat and went to see what had happened. Reay couldn't find anything, including his daughter, who was not in her room, the bathroom, or the kitchen. Then he thought maybe she went downstairs to sleep with her mother, so he went to see.

Reay's testimony will be that when he entered the room where Tami Reay slept regularly, their daughter was standing beside his wife's bed. He asked what she was doing and got no response.

He entered and then saw the blood, all over Tami Reay, all over the bed and all over his daughter.

"What have you done?" Reay will say he asked frantically several times, each time getting no response. "She seemed catatonic," Reay apparently told Rensch.

Read all of this sillyness here.

Yes, it looks like we're going to be asked to believe the father's story that the 12 year old Daughter brutally sleep-murdered her mother, and Dad was only protecting his daughter by covering up the crime.

What a stand up guy.


Joan said…
This has made national news. You can find it at www.courtv.com.

What the guy lacks in morals and ethics he makes up for in creativity. That poor girl.
Anonymous said…
I thought you were all about reserving judgment, PP? At least that's what you've said about Hunt, Sutton, etc. Why doesn't Brad Reay get the same treatment?
Nicholas Nemec said…
I almost fell off my chair when I heard this on the radio today.

Anon 11:19 We can and should reserve judgement until all evidence is presented but this defense is laughable. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Claiming the sun rose in the east on any given day doesn't require much proof. Claiming it rose in the west on a particular day requires considerable evidence.
Anonymous said…
I guess I wasn't there in the house, so I don't know if this is true or not.

But I do know that we give the defendant the benefit of the doubt until conclusive proof is offered otherwise.

Of course, if you ever want to ignore the constitution, stop by the SDWC for some drive-by, vigilante justice.

Give me a break, PP, et al.
PP said…
11:19, because this scenario is nuts. I think the whole sleep-murder possibility is B.S., even when it's an adult, much less a 12 year old girl.
Anonymous said…
How about we wait for the defendant to take the stand, and then let twelve of our peers decide if he is lying or not. Wouldn't that be a better way of deciding if this is a legitimate defense?

Come to think of it, we should even consider making that procedure part of our constitution, rather than trial-by-blog. We could call it something fancy, like the Sixth Amendment.
Anonymous said…
I'll bet that little girl taped her mother's telephone conversation, too, where mom said she no longer loved dad and was leaving him. Then the little witch put the tape in her dad's dresser drawer just to implicate him.

Damn her! I'm just glad there are lawyers out there like Rensch whose integrity and ethics are enough to take a case like this and put the blame where it belongs.

I think the little girl should get the chair.
Joan said…
From the story on www.courttv.com:
"Prosecutors said Reay also tried to frame the Feb. 8, 2006, murder on his wife's lover, an assistant manager at the Pierre Kmart where she worked part-time."

Does anyone around Pierre know anything about this?
Anonymous said…
is this what Lance Russell gets paid to do? Watch a trial in Pierre? Are the taxpayers of Fall River County paying for this?
mjb said…
I believe he gets paid to win. Most coaches watch tapes of the other team's games.

Stupid ass.
Anonymous said…
I completely agree with you, Anon 9:17. It is obvious that Anon 7:48 Coaches and athletes watch game film all the time to gain knowledge of their opponent. Lance Russell is smart, articulate, and one damn good attorney. Keep up the great work for the citizens of Fall River County, Lance.
Anonymous said…
I understand that we have a constitution for a reason, the right to stand trial and be judged by your peers. My concern is I don't think our fore fathers meant for our children to be taken through the ringer to have to prove a case. How unfair to this little girl, she loses her mother and her father all in one day and then her own father uses her has his defense. What more should she have to live through? If his defense were true you would think he would have wanted to get her help.
Anonymous said…
And by the way - the people of Pierre do know about the other people he has tried to frame and it will come out in trial!

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