Sutton matter moving forward. So are other things.

The Rapid City Journal is quoting Bill Napoli on the Sutton matter at a time when subpoenas have been issued to several people in the case of the allegations being made.
"Courage or stupidity," Sen. Bill Napoli, R-Rapid City, said. "If the charges are true, and he knows better than anyone, what in the world is he doing here? And if the charges are not true, he's a very courageous man."

Apparently determined to contest the allegation and defend his reputation - or preparing to start litigation that could prevent the Senate from holding an inquisition - Sutton held up his right hand in the Senate chamber and took the oath of office. He had resigned from his Senate seat after winning re-election in November, which scrubbed the need to have an investigatory hearing.


As he was preparing to walk across the Capitol to hear Gov. Mike Rounds make his annual State of the State speech, Napoli said the allegation against Sutton is serious and should be fully explored. But the Republican worried about the precedent of having a public investigation on a complaint of sexual misconduct by a legislator.

"This is pretty serious stuff when you make these allegations," he said. "Proven or not, it destroys someone. All you've got to do is get somebody mad at you, and then you're fair game."

The state Legislature has never conducted a disciplinary hearing against one of its own, and lawmakers must tread carefully, Olson said. Lawmakers should ensure that the process is fair to those who are accused of misconduct, so they can ably defend themselves, he said.
Read it all here. Interesting thoughts from Senator Napoli. What else is running around out there on this matter?

I think I've alluded to the fact that a player in the Sutton/Wiese allegations supposedly had a relatively minor run in with the law over the new years' holiday, and while the State's Attorney has yet to return my note to him trying to confirm my sources, everything I'm hearing points to it being an accurate report.

What am I hearing? That a person involved in the case attended a gathering in Moody County and this person was observed to have been involved in an activity which South Dakota considers illegal (think minor misdemeanor). Fast forward several days later, and along with around a dozen others who attended the same gathering, this person was handed a citation at the local basketball game, which I'm told had three players not playing ball that night for the same reason.

Does it have anything to do with the case? Probably not. All it really ads to the matter is more theater in a case where both sides are preparing for war.

As a footnote, I am killing comments on this post until I have everything conclusively confirmed (which should be soon), so hopefully you understand.

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