Friday's postscript, and remember the other day when I said I was having a bad day?

For those of you who were kind enough to ask about my daughter when I noted we were going down for tests related to her apraxia of speech problems, everything went well. We won't know the results of the tests for a while, but its not as if it's going to change her regimen of speech and physical therapy.

Clearly she understands what's being said to her, it's more of a matter of trying to alleviate her frustration in communiction. The terrible two's are one thing, but when you can't make your parents understand you want "a cookie now, dammit" obviously little ones can get a little flustered.

That aside, if you recall, I had noted a little while back that I was having a particularly bad day. Part of it was concern over my youngest. As for the other part... My wife had informed me of some suspicions she was having.

And this week, well..... those suspicions were confirmed.

This summer, for the seventh time, we're going to be parents again.

Now that the suspicions are confirmed, we're settling into the idea enough to start to be excited about it. Lots of people have children at our age. It's just that most people aren't on their seventh.

So, this weekend we're trying to figure out how we're going to cram seven kids into three bedrooms, and to see if Sam's Club has discount rates for those people who buy in bulk. I don't know what in the heck we'll drive, as my suburban is at maximum already. But, as always, we'll figure it out.

We're even starting to look at names, trying to hold with tradition and pick a nice Irish name.

In case it's another girl, I and my oldest daughter are voting for Siobahn, but my wife is taking the position that no one will be able to pronounce it (she-vaun, in case you were wondering). If it's a boy... well, we haven't gotten that far yet. It's all pretty new.

My wife in jest and my son (for real) liked the ironic "Lucky," but someone complained that it was too much like a dog's name.

I'm just excited to bring another little Republican into the world.

Regardless of all of that stuff, one fact remains. My wife says it's all my fault. Maybe she'll allow me a peck on the cheek again in about 2o1o.


Anonymous said…
PP, congratulations. 7 kids?

Maybe you need to spend more time blogging. just kidding. congratulations.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations!! All children are a gift, even #7. A year from now, you wouldn't know how to live without that new little one. You have been blessed.
Bob Ellis said…

Sam's Club is definitely the way to go when buying in bulk (especially diapers).
Jesus Christ said…
I know it may be against the Lord's will, but might be time to quit having kids!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! I came from a family with as many kids as you have. Some technicalities such as how to fit everyone into a vehicle can present some difficulty, but in the end, it is all worth it.

Thank God my family has enough democrats to off set those republican votes.
Fleming said…
Congrats pp!

I'll tell you a famous Groucho joke sometime if you haven't already heard it.
oldguy said…
wow!wow!wow!wow!wow!wow! and now another WOW! congratulations....
nonnie said…
Congratulations from me too! And I hope your wife is feeling well. I'm gonna be a grandma for the first time about the time you have your seventh, and I'm excited too!
Since Fleming beat me to the famous Groucho line, I'll just say congratulations! Oh and also that I agree with your son. Lucky Powers would be a great name. Then again there's always Gilligan!
Congrats Again Professor!
Anonymous said…
Congrats PP! What are your kids' names so far? Maybe SDWC can suggest some names...
Todd Epp said…


You and Mrs. PP DO know where babies come from, don't you?

I think you both earn the title of South Dakota's Most Fertile Couple!

You're not going to need a bigger house, you're going to need to borrow a dorm from SDSU!

Next time I see you, I'll buy lunch. You need to save your money for Mt. Diapermore!

You stud!

Anonymous said…
Congrats! I know how this happens do you need information, JUST KIDDING. Our church pew is full so I was told we had to stop.
Ya know a boy for #7 would be a treat but o boy would he be spolied! I had a brother who came 6 years after I did and he was the only boy and yes, he was spoiled to the max. But you know he turned out to be a great guy/man, husband and father.
Way to go Pat and Michelle.
Best she loves the images put on display.

The Big B said…
Congratulations! You know, there are doctors who can fix that......

Okay, time for some fun. Please fill in the blank to the following:

When this child graduates from high school, I will be eligible for_____________________________.
the big b said…
Oooh, that first sentence didn't come out right. My apologies. By doctors, I mean UROLOGISTS.........
Anonymous said…
Epp your funny!

Anonymous said…
Hey Epp any news your way?? Any buns in the oven to be telling us about??????

Are you going to let Pat lead on this one??


Anne said…
Ah, Congrats to you and Mrs. P!
Anonymous said…
Dexies Midnight Runners has your girl name - I know you know the one, PP.

For a boy, think about Seamus. Hey, it worked for Nancy Turbak.
Lee Schoenbeck said…
Congrats Pat - you and Michelle will have little feet about the home to entertain you for a long time. But before you tie my parents with number eight,
I've got a pretty good library of politcal science treatises and novels I can borrow you, if you need to find a new way to kill time at night :)
Anonymous said…
But Nancy's divorced now and moved on to different interests.
How about the obvious, name him Austin, you know, Austin Powers!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, I think you're having a GOOD day! God must have known you're youngest needed a playmate. I had my two kids when I was 44 and 46.
Anonymous said…
Ouch, someone is talking abut the SNIP JOB. That would have Pat resting on the couch for a week or so.
He could however post away to his hearts delight!
On a side note: Why is it in SD that when someone is going to loan something to somebody they use the term "barrow it to you" or use the term "bring this to town with you". This drives me crazy.
I use "loan this to you" or "take this to town with you". Please fill me in because no one has ever in many years been able to answer my question...
Okay Lee step up to the plate please.

By the way Lee you do know me.
Anonymous said…
sorry was to be "about" not "abut"

Jason said…
Congratulations to you and the Mrs., PP!
Dusty J said…

Congratulations to you and Mrs. P. You guys are wonderful parents, and I'm glad that you have been blessed once more. All my best.

Anonymous said…
Good thing you are a Republican. If you were a lib you would expect the government to subsidize kids that people crank out but can't support.
Anonymous said…
PP - Please disregard any of the classless comments regarding your new arrival. All politics seems small compared to the gift of bringing children into the world. Good luck with number seven and congratulations - I'm sure you and your wife will be great parents.
Joan said…
anon 2:12 pm - "crank out but can't support"? That sounds like a backhanded compliment to me.
I think pp will manage to support his seven children just fine. It might not be as easy or as convenient as he would prefer, but Paul and Michelle appear to be intelligent, capable people with the ability to work out the problems and make things work.

As for those children whose parents won't or can't manage: don't condemn the children for their parents' shortcomings or misfortunes. A Christian nation does not let their less fortunate children go without adequate food and other essential needs.

Until some of you outstanding members of God's family come up with a rock solid plan on how to consistently provide for all of these children through churches and charitable means, it's going to fall on the government's shoulders.

Someone has to do it.

We pay our taxes and count our blessings that we own property that can be taxed. We pay sales tax and gives thanks that we have money to buy taxable items.
We are blessed to live in this country and believe it is our duty to contribute toward the welfare of people who are less fortunate than ourselves. If it must be through taxes, so be it.

We are proud to be Americans and happy to be Christians. We know we cannot control how everyone lives. We can, however, do our part to help those in need, especially the innocent children.

This is What Jesus Would Do.
Anonymous said…
PP, if you were truly in touch with your history and Irish roots, you and your litter of children would be democrats! Congratulations!
PP said…

Yes, my grandmother in NY/NJ hated Republicans, and likely voted for Kennedy.

But times change, and voting blocks realign. And they aren't my grandmother's Democrats anymore.
bill fleming said…
Some of us are, pp.
Jeff K said…
PP, Is there just one? Twins would be nice......SMILE ..... Congrats from Connie and I

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