What should I bring for dinner?

I had a note a week or so back from the first lady asking me what to make for dinner.

Okay, maybe not quite like that. What's going on is that as a former member of the Governor's staff (back in 2003-2004) I'm included in a group of people they're asking to contribute to a "South Dakota Governor's Residence Cookbook."

The letter noted that proceeds from book sales are to be used (in conjunction with the community foundation) to help fund future furniture and furnishing acquisitions for the residence. What do they want out of me? They're looking for recipes from cabinet and staff - and with each recipe, the contributor's name and relationship with the Gov will be listed.

It's certainly a good idea, but as I try to think what unique recipes I'd contribute.... Well, I'm kind of tight with them.

I think Deb Barnett is the only one who ever got my infamous Hot Wing recipe out of me, and that was through my wife's persuasion. I've perfected it in the intervening years, and I haven't given it to anyone since, so that's definitely no go.

I've got my own Barbecue sauce recipe that I've modified and perfected from a family sauce, and that particular sauce is going on my pulled pork recipe (which has been slow cooking on my smoker grill since early this morning). Again, these are things I don't part with easily.

Don't even get me started on my chicken supreme, which my mom would make since my earliest days of youth. Unfortunately, after I turned 14 or 15, my other siblings finally developed a taste for the heavy cream sauce.

I've got until the end of the week to noodle (literally) on this one, and figure out what to contribute.

It must be a goofy family thing. My grandmother was so tight with her praline recipe, she took it to her grave. She had it down to a science, based on the exterior temperature and humidity. (And admittedly, they were pretty good). So, we'll have to see if I bend a little, or if I have too much of my grandmother in me.

And down the line, if you see something contributed from a P.P. who used to be on staff and it's something besides a recipe for boiling water - you'll know how I came out.


Anonymous said…
poold pawk, gist wat i likee. wat u yooz 2 smoekem wit PP ?

dont u shair dat sawce rezipee!!
PP said…
er, yeah....

Pidgin english aside, I used plain old kingsford with indirect heat, but I did include hickory chips in it. And I had apples & onions in red wine between the heat source and the meat.

It was probably the best pork shoulder I've ever done. The meat was juicy perfection.
Anonymous said…
One time I cooked a whole (quarted) pig over corn cobs at Lewis and Clark Lake, starting at 4:00pm the first day and finishing aroud 7:00 pm the next. In the process, I ate the tenderloins myself because they were getting too done. (Awww.) Pigmeat rules.
Anonymous said…
I see it now:

Open package of pre-cooked hot dogs. Put in (clean) bucket of water on stove. Wait until water is warm to hot. Remove hot dogs, dunk in ketchup, and eat.

Contributed by PP, former clipping boy
Anonymous said…
O gee, PP, come on...
I have many generations of recipes handed down over the years and you should see how my family have advanced them to fit the taste of those in our/their homes... those who eat it. Maybe the thickness, addition or removal of one spice...it is after all to satisfy the scent and taste!
Don't foget about presentation.

Okay, for all you pasta lovers out there try this in your Lasagna, OMIT the cottage cheese or other cheeses (which are dry) and use 1 or 2 cakes of cream cheese let soften just a little cut into peices and place throughout layers. YUMMMM
I don't care for cream cheese all that much, but it is very good in Lasagna!!!

Helpful hint if you get a craving for lasagna, chili or some other tomatoe dish and don't have all the spices and you have a can of stewed tomatoes it works just fine!

I never use a jar of already made I make it all from scratch always have, really

Jackie D
Anonymous said…
ish, do you know hwat goes in hot dogs. I just can't eat them..
Anonymous said…

How long did it take to cook that butt ? if you go by time, or, did you take it to a certain temp ?
Anonymous said…
day aint miny reel Q'rs in Sow Dagoda
Anonymous said…
always go by temp. The time is an aprox cooking time. Once you do it a few time you tend to get it (cooking time) down pat (no pun intended).
Anonymous said…
The best BBQ Sauce is FFA's or extension service but my fav is the Pork Producers!
Anonymous said…
Real fuuny 7:43p if i am reading your comment right.
PP said…
I went by temp. I took it up to about 175, mopping the exterior to keep it moist.
Anonymous said…
with all due respect,,, real pulled pork happens at about 195 degrees with an hour rest mmmmmm

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