Who? Dems might have another possible gubernatorial hopeful

In today's Argus, Dave Kranz is reviewing the list of 2010 Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates. The very short list.

Of course, we have the expected candidate, Scott Heidepreim. And we have the outside chance (because her current gig isn't so bad) Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin. And then we have Mike Huether.

It also seems another possibility may be arriving on the scene. Mike Huether, a Sioux Falls banker, has been contemplating the idea of running for some time now, and friends have been talking him up. So far no action - until now.

When you host a function at a political event, something is up. Huether and his family will host a gathering at the Mitchell Holiday Inn following the McGovern Day program Saturday.
Read it all here. Where is this coming from?

Could it be that he saw the success of Eric Abrahamson being recruited from the State Library Board Lt. Governor, so he decided to make the leap from his position on the Department of Education's State Aid Task Force?

Seriously, I think some people (on both sides of the fence) entertain these thoughts without knowing what it takes. Heidepreim? I'd argue he knows what it will take. Herseth? With two statewide elections under her belt, her built in organization would give her an automatic advantage on the competition. Dennis Daugaard already has the Rounds stamp of approval, so he likely gets to walk into an existing structure. Even Dave Knudson will likely be running with the benefit of experienced Janklow supporters.

But when some of these people pop up who have never run for office or experienced a campaign before, all of a sudden say they want to be "Governor," or "Senator," I automatically have to take it with a grain of salt. Perfect example - Dennis Wiese was a nice enough guy, but he never caught fire. He didn't have enough money or organization in the face of Jack Billion, who had more of each.

The road of political aspiration is littered (on both sides of the aisle) with people who wanted to be (Fill in the blank here) "_______."

Unless Mike Huether - who I'm sure is a nice guy - has a million he's ready to throw down out of pocket, or an army of volunteers in each and every county in South Dakota, he's going to have a tough time making me a believer.

BTW - as a postscript, mikehuether.com is registered to the electric pulp web design firm (the same firm handling the Abstinence Clearinghouse, Timjohnson.com, and the SD Film Office).

So, something is in the works.


Anonymous said…
Stephanie for Gov? What are you, on drugs, PP??? Why on EARTH would she run for a job with an 8 year term limit when she'll be in her current position until the day she dies! My bet, she won't run for Senate either... she should learn from Tom Daschle...its much easier to be a Blue Democrat in the House than a flaming liberal in the Senate.
Anonymous said…

Are you drunk? The Princess is waiting anxiously for Sen. Johnson to make his decision if he is going to run for re-election or walk away from his seat. The House is the minor league and the Senate is the major league. The Princess will not pass up the Senate seat if it is open. What do you think Stephanie, Max, Sen. Johnson, and his wife Barb talked about when they had Stephanie and Max over for dinner last week? I can almost guarantee that the 2008 elections were talked about - in particular if Sen. Johnson is going to run for re-election or not.
PP said…
guys, this is coming from several high level dems.
Anonymous said…
Okay, Anon 12:01, Let's explore that...Now you say that Stephanie is dreaming of running for Johnson's slot and it has all been set up. Has everyone forgotten Tom Daschle--WonderKid of the House? What DID happen to Tom Daschle?

He got what he wished for...a Senate seat, and ALOT of attention, both Nationally and back here. But with that came all the other things he didn't even consider, like there are half as many members, so your vote really does matter on tough votes and you can't run from your party, claiming to be a "blue dog". There is no "independence" in the Senate, not in a 50-50 Senate anyways, and Harry Reid will make sure there is no such thing as a "blue dog" democrat, regardless of how "cute" Stephie is. Steph would have to take some DAMN unpopular votes in SD (just like Tom) and then have to run a DAMN uncomfortable and tough re-election bid (just like Tom). The Senate is for the "big boys", who don't cry "sexual discrimination" or play "cutsie" to get out of a jam when pushed on an issue. You gotta have balls to be in the Senate, just like Hillary. And let's face it...Steph is no Hillary. She would be better off to wait until there is less pressure to pull the party line.

No, I'm not drunk, but I may have more sense on how to preserve Stephanie in her position than either you or she. Sure hope she listens to you than me.

And PP: the "several high dems" are trying to discourage the big GOP guns from getting geared up to run against Johnson. What, like they've never run with false info to throw off the GOP?
Anonymous said…
this guy has about as much name recognition as these R you promote on here
Anonymous said…
Don't forget about Lee Schoenbeck.
He's one heck of an energetic speaker and a great guy. The first R elected in dist. 1 in 60 years.
Anonymous said…
The only way Hillary Jr. runs for Governor is if Rounds beats her for Senate and her house seat is taken
Anonymous said…
Hey PP start a draft Rounds campain!
Anonymous said…
I thought we were already getting rounds-lite with Daugaard?
Anonymous said…
So, PP, if a guy like say Joel Dykstra just decides he's going to run for Senate and shoes up in DC trying to "make the rounds" as people are calling back to SD asking "Who the hell is this guy" it'd would be a case of a guy, like Joel Dykstra, over estimating his abilities, chances and hope???????????????
Anonymous said…
I know this is off point, pp. But, did you see the Argus attack on Dan Scott in the editorial this morning.

They claim the comments he made at a meeting of legislatures yesterday in Sioux Falls eroded the city's image.

They just don't get it, do they? There is nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing on the planet that erodes the image of Sioux Falls more than the Argus Leader.

They do it every day. He just did it once.
Anonymous said…
"But when some of these people pop up who have never run for office or experienced a campaign before, all of a sudden say they want to be "Governor," or "Senator," I automatically have to take it with a grain of salt."

Oh, so that's how you feel pp. I suppose a lot of your other political friends feel the same way. That explains a lot. I was wondering why a lot of Republicans never fully got behind Bruce Whalen and his political supporters when we needed help. I was wondering why Bruce Whalen’s name was never brought up as a “future party office holder” on your blog. He carried the ball for us in a state wide election but he lost didn’t he. I guess now we sort of just sit him on the back shelf. But we will probably “dust him off” and bring him out when the next election comes around. We need those Native American votes you know!

Did you take Bruce Whalen with a grain of salt? Just wondering.

Yes, I know. I’m sorry. I do sound a little bitter and I guess I still am. We talked a fine young man into running for a state wide office when nobody else in our party wanted to be a candidate. I sort of feel like he was left hanging out there to dry simply because a lot of republicans just didn’t think he had a chance. The old “take it with a grain of salt” theory you know!
Anonymous said…
VJ has a point. I was not thrilled with Whalen as the GOP candidate. But he was willing to be the sacrificial lamb and not let Herseth run unopposed. It seems that the state GOP could do something for him.
Anonymous said…
Pretty transparent with Anon 2:48, Lee. Geez! Give it a rest, will ya?
PP said…
9:55, for some reason I don't believe that was Lee. It was either an ardent supporter, or yourself setting up your comment.

Lee has never been afraid to use his own name on this blog. Unlike a lot of anonymous commenters.

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