Come back Lee, come back...
With Schoenbeck gone, an old challenger deicdes to give it another go

According to local sources and confirmed by a reader in the area, former State Representative Claire Konold is going to give it another shot for the State Senate Seat now that Lee Schoenbeck has decided to step down from. I'm told he announced it this last week.

What make this a bit funny is that Claire challenged Lee for the very same seat in the primary last election once he was termed out of the House. And Lee mopped the floor with him 2 to 1.

Lee Schoenbeck 2394 2394 66.65%
Claire B. Konold 1198 1198 33.35%


67 to 33 percent is not a toss up. It was a crushing victory.

With Lee stepping down, it remains to be seen if there's going to be another challenger for the seat besides Konold. But having come off such a decisive loss last election, there may be another dog who decides to challenge him for dominance on the porch.


Anonymous said…
Konold running with the blessings of Stan's financial help again!!!
Anonymous said…
The GOP better start looking elsewhere!
Anonymous said…
hopefully Lee has a daughter that is savagely raped by a native american or an african american. Then he will see how self serving he has been and feel the pain of his stupidity
PP said…
Anon #3, that's easily the most inappropriate thing ever posted - on several different levels

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