A Tremor on the Richter Scale

According to the Argus Leader, Former Republican Legislator Mitch Richter has made his official announcement for the office of Mayor of Sioux Falls joining two other candidates with legislative experience, Casey Murschel and Mayor Dave Munson.

According to the release Mitch has recruited other former state legislative talent to assist with his efforts:
Bill Peterson, a former state lawmaker and an author of the city's charter, signed up to serve as Richter's campaign co-chairperson because he said Richter mastered a complex state budget and worked across party lines during his time in Pierre.

"Those qualities are what's needed in city hall in 2006," Peterson said.
Bill has quite a bit of respect among Republicans, and will help Mitch garner party related support. (Read it all here) But then he announces some other campaign help that might cause Republican supporters some consternation..
Minnehaha County Treasurer Pam Nelson also is serving as a co-chairperson of Richter's campaign.
Screech! And the brakes go on the party train. Pam Nelson? THE Pam Nelson?

Back in the day when I was fighting party wars, Pam was one of the most partisan legislators up there and was not afraid to take on the GOP head on. If memory serves, when Governor Mickelson had nominated former Representatve Jerry Lammers to the Board of Regents, Pam led a charge on the Senate side to kill the nomination, and was constantly and continuously gaveled down for her characterizations.

I can come up with a few other examples, but that's the one that sticks in my mind.

It's not that Pam is foolish. Far from it. She is a very savvy, long time politico who knows her stuff. But she can also be very polarizing - especially among Republicans. So much so that her support could be a campaign issue by itself among the members of the party that used to be her whippping boy..

I sense the targeted postcards being designed as we speak.


Anonymous said…
Pam has designs on running for some sort of state wide office again...what the heck is she doing this for, does anyone have any idea??? And what is Ricter thinking? Does Pam just not like D. Smith and this is her own personal way of expressing this, she's had a problem controlling herself in past situations when a little control would have helped her.
Anonymous said…
First things first...Richter is bi-polar and pyscho. Hence, the reason why Pam Nelson supports him. Bill Peterson is not much better. Peterson is starving for media attention since he is no longer serving in the Legislature. It is obvious Bill is trying to set himself up to run for Governor in 2010. Good luck, Bill. Lee Schonebeck is the GOP's best candidate. Someone with balls and a strong backbone. Something we have been lacking since the departure of the Janklow Administration.

I don't put it past that snake, Darrin Smith, that Richter's candidacy is a master plan of Smith's to get another candidate into the Mayor's race. This could be a coup to get more Republicans into the race, and thus, divide the Republican vote. I DO NOT trust Smith, Murschel, Richter, nor Pam Nelson. They are all disengenuous grave dancers looking to capitalize politically.

Munson has accomplished many good things for the City of Sioux Falls. However, the Argus Leader and KELO TV refuses to give the Mayor any good press. First the media attacked Thune (regarding Ellsworth, U.S. Attorney), then Rounds (regarding state owned airplanes, Governor's Hunt), and now Munson (regarding overspending at City Hall, 2002 fundraiser at Minervas). When was the last time any of the media outlets in SD attacked Daschle, Johnson, or Herseth? NEVER! The Argus Liar and KELO TV are biased and the facts talk for themselves. Randall Beck can saw it off!!!

Sioux Falls needs to send a clear message to the Argus and KELO by re-electing Mayor Munson to a second term. By not electing Munson, would prove the Argus and KELO have control over public opinion in Sioux Falls. It's time to stand up and fight these bastards.
Anonymous said…
anon #2, it's called lexapro

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