Don't forget the Wiki list.

Don't forget I have the 2006 Election WIKI out there. I've updated it with the latest intelligence from the field, so you don't have to hunt through my posts.

If you know of any hot tips yourself, post them to the wiki by hitting the edit button at the top of the page, and leave credit for yourself and your website at the bottom of the WIKI page. (Then hit save at the bottom).

Click here for the WIKI

Also, I do have advertising on this site for sale. Appetizing young advertising for sale. A picture link up at the top of the page will run $20/month, a hard coded link at the bottom of the masthead is $30 a month, and a side banner link wil be $50 a month. I'm not getting rich by any means, it's only to help me offset some expenses.

One of the two side banners is already gone for most of the election season, so if you might be interested in that prime real estate, better e-mail me quickly.


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