A little remiss in not noting this until now
Former Belle Fourche Mayor Todd Keller Pleads Guilty

Since I'd written a bit on this story a while back, I should follow up on the whole sad mess.

As reported in the Black Hills Pioneer, former Belle Fourche Mayor Todd Keller pled guilty to assaulting his wife - a charge which prematurely ended his second term of office as mayor of that city. Just a snippet from the article:
Kellor then stipulated to a paragraph in the probable cause affidavit filed with the 4th Circuit Court describing the incident relating to the aggravated assault charge.

In that paragraph, Kellers wife Jill describes an incident in which Keller squeezed her throat to the point she had difficulty breathing, he lit matches and put them out on her tongue and when Keller sprayed her whole body and face with Lysol and threw lit matches at her telling her he was going to light her on fire.
Read it all here.


Nicholas Nemec said…
As the father of four daughters I hope this perverts wife divorces him and is awarded all of their assets. She should also be awarded a portion of all his future earnings to help pay for the counciling she will probably have to have.
Nicholas Nemec said…

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