Speaking of the Congressional Race - Did we just get a hint from Herseth?

From an article in Saturday's Mitchell Daily Republic by Seth Tupper:
The next question came from eighth-grader Sarah Magnuson, who wanted to know if Herseth aspires to the nation's highest political office. Herseth turned the question around, asking Magnuson if she herself would ever consider running for president. Magnuson said she would, and Herseth said "Great! Then I would, too."

Actually, Herseth said, she does not foresee herself running for anything except "the Congress" until "2010, 2014 or 2020." Interestingly, those last two dates are separated by the same number of years as a term in the U.S. Senate.
Read it all here. "Those last two dates are separated by the same number of years as a term in the U.S. Senate." Is that response from the Congresswoman telling us something?

She might be predicting that she might run for Governor, take on Thune, or to run for Johnson's open seat when he vacates, 2014 or 2020.

It's all idle speculation. But you don't have food for thought unless someone is setting the table.


Nicholas Nemec said…
In 2010 the Thune seat hill be up.
In 2014 and 2020 the Johnson seat will be up.

As Todd Epp says "one of those things that make you go........Hmmmmm........"
Anonymous said…
"The Johnson seat." Are you saying he is going to win again? He doesn't have Daschle's coattails to cling to this time with the attendant marginal win. I personally think he is trouble, notwithstanding the recent Alito vote. Lots of Reps still don't want him, and many Dems were angered by the Alito vote.
Nicholas Nemec said…
I'm calling it the Johnson seat because he is the person currently sitting in it.

If I had wanted to get snippy I could have called the Thune seat the Daschle seat. But, Daschle isn't sitting in it anymore so I call it the Thune seat.

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