You know J.A.I.L. is bad when it makes this happen
Judy Olson and Randy Frederick join forces

From a press advisory sent out this evening by the South Dakota Republican Party:
Republican and Democratic Party Chairs
to Hold Joint J.A.I.L Press Conference

PIERRE, SD - South Dakota Republican Party Chairman Randy Frederick and South Dakota Democratic Party Chairwoman Judy Olson Duhamel announce a joint press conference discussing the J.A.I.L. ballot initiative. The press conference is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, February 1, to be 'tentatively' held in the State Capitol in room 412 at noon CST.

Contact SDDP Press Secretary Donald Carr at 224-1750 and/or SDRP Executive Director Max Wetz at 224-7347 for more information.
Afterwards, Randy and Judy will cast smouldering looks at each other.

The Judicial Accountability Act, which I've said was scary legislation all along, is really picking up steam as the measure to pound into the dirt. With the State Bar coming out against it, and now I'm guessing the GOP and DEM's are jointly agreeing to call it bad legislation that shouldn't be passed, it leaves one question to be answered.

If it's this bad how did it get on the ballot in the first place?

Oh yes, I recall now. It was paid petition circulators. Just keep that in mind this legislatiuve session.


Nicholas Nemec said…
smoulder v. 1. To burn with little smoke and no flame. 2. To exist in a suppressed state. 3. To manifest repressed anger or hatred.

OK, which is it? A smouldering stare as in def. #2 much like Hepburn and Tracy or def. #3.

I just hope it isn't def #1. That could get dangerous if the wind picks up. Imagine the headlines "Party leaders explode into flames, Capitol evacuated"
PP said…
Probably #2. How could Judy resist his animal husbandry magnetism.
Anonymous said…
Both chairmen should get out and do their job of recruiting instead of hanging around the capitol attacking an amendment which will fail of its own volition.

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