Hey you dang Republicans. Git outta my yard.

Got my hair cut this morning at Angel's Salon, enabling me to go out on weekends without the need for a hat to hold down my poofy hair. Unruly curly hair as I have can be a lifelong curse.

There's only been three people who have consistently been allowed to cut my hair over the course of my life. My mother, who did so until I got married, and would sometimes pinch-hit until she passed away. My wife, who took over from my mom. And Angel, who my wife sent me to after she said "maintaining the peninsula is too difficult for an amateur."

When you go into Angel's Salon, you know a political discussion of some nature is going to come up. Today, right on the front door is a copy of the Judicial Accountability Petition with VOTE NO written in large letters, courtesy of Angel, who is happy to provide accompanying editorial comment.

I think it was the Supreme Court itself who expressed in a legal opinion on political signs that there is nothing more uniquely American than posting a sign expressing your political opinion. And that would probably describe Angel as well.

Angel is probably disarming to most men, as she's a little petite blonde salon owner. But that's a bit of a facade, as she's also a very savvy, no nonsense businesswoman who runs a tight ship and doesn't put up with nonsense. Think I'm kidding? Ask Senator Brock Greenfield what happened to him after he accidentally bumped into her car bumper when trying to park one icy day. (I'm just glad it wasn't me).

She makes me laugh because she reminds me a lot of my mother, who was much the same way.

Angel's Salon tends to be an unintentional locus of political activity. She cuts the hair of many of the "power elite" in Pierre, including state legislators, a statewide elected official or two, and several of the top members of the state government bureaucracy. And she also cuts hair for slobs like me. As she performs her tasks, she also is known to give the power elite a dose of reality whether they want it or not.

Today Angel was pretty excited as she discussed a new acquisition - she had purchased a lot with a building and is going to move her business a block away to a new, permanent location. There's lots of work being done on it to accommodate her business and to renovate the building which most recently held a second hand store which sold stuff on eBay. As part of the renovation, she described the property clean-up, and the fact she had to put a couple neighbors on notice that they can't be parking in the lot anymore after she takes possession of the building. And that also goes for the stuff they have stored in that lot as well.

At this point, you're probably saying, "PP you're drifting. What does this have to do with politics?" Well, one of the neighbors put on notice that the lot is no longer theirs to use is the South Dakota Republican Party.

Now, before you Democrats start saying 'Aha!' It's not that they didn't have permission before. The same owner owned both buildings, and as good Republican supporters tend to do, they said feel free to park here, and to store your stuff, and they did so with complete permission.

But with a change of ownership comes a change of rules. As it was related to me, notice has been given that there's a "no parking/no stuff storage" rule that's going to be implemented about the time session gets over. As I drove by today, I see they've already adjusted for the rule change in parking.

But then there's the little matter of the stuff.

The South Dakota GOP has been trying to trim costs for candidates by doing various things in house, as I think I've mentioned before. The problem here is that much of the savings comes from buying in bulk. There's a lot of bulk left after the last election, and in preparation for this coming one. And it all has to be stored somewhere.

So with the permission of the prior owner, it used to be just fine to have it just out there in the adjacent lot. But there's a new sheriff taking office soon. Her name is Angel, and she's telling you kids to get your stuff out of her yard.

As you'll see pictured here, sign making supplies are piled up by the pallet, as are signs from last election waiting to be recycled into new ones. And having been in the GOP office from time to time, I'm not sure where they're going to put it, leaving a need for another storage location.

Yes, that's about ten pallets full. It's not exactly going to fit in a closet, is it?

Kidding aside, I'm quite sure the South Dakota GOP will survive the new neighbor just fine. If anyone has some storage space in Pierre you can lend them, you might e-mail them and let them know you have a barn or shed or other space you can part with for the sake of the elephant (and tell them I sent you).

And Republican staffers - you can give me a call and you're welcome to use my big 8x16 open trailer to haul it with. I'll even help. I might yank your chain from time to time, but I'm a Republican Party guy at heart.

Just don't ask to put it in my yard.


Ben Nesselhuf said…
I'd be willing to take a lot of that off your hands.
Douglas said…
Yah, there must be a woodstove that will handle that stuff too. You might be amazed at the Democratic generosity.

Used to be piles of "stuff" at the Democratic headquarters when a lot of space was available in the old St. Charles.

There ought to be some storage space in the Governors Grotesque Mansion on the Lake. All those Governor's fund payments should buy a little space. Maybe move a speedboat or something.

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