Not the kind of news I like hearing come out of my Alma Mater

From Sports, via the associated press:
Two South Dakota State University basketball players have been suspended during a sexual assault investigation, officials said Wednesday.

University police are investigating allegations against Mohamed Berte, 22, and Andre Gilbert, 20, school officials said in a statement Wednesday. The players have been served with temporary protection orders that ban them from having contact with a female student, the school said.

That's one reason I pay more attention to politics over sports. With all these million dollar prima-donnas in professional sports, they are tainted with scandal when they have everthing in the world, or they're noted by the media as doing something utterly ridiculous.. Unlike politicians.

Meet the latest children's author, Sen. Ted Kennedy, and his Portuguese Water Dog, Splash, his co-protagonist in "My Senator and Me: A Dogs-Eye View of Washington, D.C."

Scholastic Inc. will release the book in May.

"I am very excited about the opportunity to create a book for young readers and their families that will deepen their understanding of how our American government works," Kennedy said in a statement Monday issued by Scholastic.



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