My Name is Michael. And I've got a hell of a lot more than a nickel.

Some initial campaign finance reports are in for our two candidates running for Governor. One of the two candidates is doing well. As for the other, ahh, he's not so good.

Terry Woster reports in today's Argus Leader that Governor Rounds has about 1.44 million in the bank.

His anticipated opponent Ron Volesky wasn't doing quite so well. Ron reportedly had $2715 in total contributions for 2005. Ron did recognize he's going to need quite a bit more, as indicated in this quote:
"The numbers are what they are," Volesky said Tuesday. "I think South Dakota Democrats probably know that I'm going to need $500,000 by March to run a competitive race. I don't think the governor - I don't think any statewide candidate, really - should go uncontested for re-election."
This is really kind of interesting, because a while back there had been a rumor floating around that he would bail on the race in March if he hadn't raised or was helped to reach a certain dollar amount. I didn't believe it then, and I'm not so sure I believe it now. But in what was related to me, that was the dollar amount mentioned.

His statement above might just be putting his party on notice that he's smart enough to know what it takes to win. And that walking away to fight another day is a better option than political suicide.


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