Magically enough, our system of jurisprudence managed to fix this one without JAIL

From today's Rapid City Journal:
A judge gave a Pennington County man an illegal sentence when ordering him to pay about $4,300 for tax evasion, the state Supreme Court said Thursday in a unanimous ruling. The decision overturns the restitution requirement for Steven E. Thayer, who pleaded guilty last year to a felony count of not paying sales taxes for Villa Cleaners of Box Elder.

The written sentence was flawed because it unlawfully increased the sentence that Thayer was given in the courtroom, the state Supreme Court said, overturning the restitution requirement.
Read it all here.

How? How did us poor fools manage to right this judicial wrong without J.A.I.L.?

Well, duh. Actually, it was pretty easy. It's called the appeals process. That's why we have it, and we managed to accomplish it without any Special Grad Jury or two star Jailers-in-chief.

And it didn't take an amendment.


Wild Bill said…
Well, maybe this will help put a spike in the new horror movie: "Bill and Ron's Excrement Adventure." I'm still laughing at BS, the constitutional scholar's answer to your Q#4. Yep, the framers should have gone that extra step and created a fourth branch of government: The Branch for Sore Losers. I'm sure the founding fathers would have done that if only they could have forseen the doctrine of judicial immuninity dropping from the sky in 1871 like a space alien. These guys really need to read the Federalist Papers, and try to figure out (perhaps it is beyond their comprehension) how judicial independence is an imperative under our form of government. The judicial immunity doctrine has deep roots in common law; the doctrine being a logical protection of the independence of the judiciary given the safeguards our founding fathers built into the system, such as due process (something the JAIL bozos don't provide the accused) and appeals (something the accused don't get under JAIL). Keep these dopes on the ropes!
Anonymous said…
right on !
Anonymous said…
Hey PP,

Is that your child pictured on the front page of the Register?

Maybe you could figure out a way to print a NEW t-shirt for her next year.
PP said…
Yes. It is. And I did do the Tshirt last year.

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