And as we go into the home stretch of the Senate Leadership race

From reports going into the last hours of the Senate Leadership race (the caucus dinner started at 7:30) everything was still up in the air. I hope to have a report tonight as to where things might stand going into the caucus elections tomorrow after the dinner.

It seemed firm last week, but with a member or two jockeying, it was all thrown into chaos, and no agreements for shared leadership between the caucus factions had been pre-arranged.

Watch and see how this popularity contest goes down tomorrow.


Brock said…
Vote for Pedro?

(For those not familiar with the strangely popular "Napolean Dynamite" phenomenon, you probably won't get it.)
Nicholas Nemec said…
Which GOP Senator is Pedro and which is Napolean?

For that matter who is Kip (Napolean's weird brother) or Summer (Pedro's opponent)?
Anonymous said…
Lee Schonebeck is a dead ringer for Kip. Summer is Deb Peters.
Anonymous said…
Larry Dietrich is Napolean's cousin, the swarmy one, can't remember the name.
Anonymous said…
No way. It's already been proven that Chris Nelson is in fact, Kip
Anonymous said…
Yes, but I've seen Chris' wife and she looks nothing like LaFonda.
Anonymous said…
8:09, it's uncle Rico.

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