Denise Ross tries her hand at blogging on her own

(Hat tip to SD watch)

Denise Ross formerly of the Rapid City Journal has opened up shop at her own website at, using a play on the uniquely South Dakota term of "hog housing a bill."

I'll even get it added to the feeds tonight. What can you expect over on Denise's website:
House Rules

We don’t have many, but what we’ve got are firm.

No libel. No obscenities. You can do better. Besides, my mom reads this blog. Go ahead and post comments under a pseudonym. Personally, I think that makes life more interesting. When commenting, leave a valid e-mail address. It won’t show up on the site, but sometimes we need to check things out, ask questions, whatnot. Comments deemed insipid, trite, petty or generally non-substantive are as likely to be killed as not, depending on the mood of the moderator. (Much like politics and life in the real world, life in the hoghouse isn’t fair.) In accordance with barnyard lore, if you fall down in the hoghouse, the pigs will eat you. Watch your step.

I'm not sure what I think about the rules. I try to keep it a little looser than that. As long as it isn't libelous, or really really outragous, i let it stand. Which approach is better?


Anonymous said…
PP--you don't take lessons from Denise, she takes them from you, the blogmaster.

This blogging thing will be great because it will expose what a liberal hack Denise and Harlan have always been
Anonymous said…
isn't denise writing her memoirs or making a movie or something??
Anonymous said…
Denise Ross is also writing for the Argus Leader, so they've got another liberal reporter to assign to stories
Sickle said…
PP---sdp had this long before're not on your A game this weekend
Anonymous said…
oh great, Denise will be back in Pierre...just what i wanted
PP said…
Sorry. Keep in mind that Sunday is my traveling day back to Pierre, and that during the weekend, my honey-do's take precedence over my blogging.
Anonymous said…
so now Denise is blogging...Lalley is blogging, Kranz is blogging, Woster and Harlan are can see that all the state's liberal reporters were getting nervous that some conservatives were having their voice heard on the internet. Plus, all these liberal reporters have massive egos so they think people care what they say
Nicholas Nemec said…
I think that the anonymous commenters on this blog should be required to pick some sort of pseudonym.

I'm just too dumb to follow the flow of the debate otherwise. Just click "other" and make something up.

It would protect your identity, thus preserving your State job, and allow the rest of us to follow the back and forth better.
Anonymous said…
south dakota politics and press was getting along just fine withoput denise ross in them
Anonymous said…
It is well known around Pierre and elsewhere what Ross's political leanings are. Let us put it this way. When the ACLU calls, she jumps.
Anonymous said…
The ability to post immediately on your site makes for faster paced conversations to be sure. But I'm not sure the comments are always as thoughtful as they could be.

It's a trade-off I suppose, having to do with what one wants the tone and pace of one's blog of choice to be.

I've noticed there is a lot of general agreement among those who post here, and in that case, I'm not so sure being able to type "hear, hear" (or its equivalent) and get it up on the blog quickly is really all that beneficial to readers looking for more substance.

Even so, I do wish Blogmore moved a little more quickly, and hope Denise doesn't adopt the sluggishness of her former Blogdomain with her new site.

Time will tell.
been there said…
Her rules sound good , maybe she wouldn't have allowed the vulgar, nasty crucifixion of Rob Regier that occured on this blog.

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