Is Mayor Oberlitner facing Total recall for acting badly?

If you recall a while back, I featured Hot Springs Mayor Carl Oberlitner as one of the mayors whse gotten himself into a bit of trouble lately. I picked on some mayors for stupid (or blatant) criminality, but Carl's sin in the eyes of the public was closer to a sin of hubris regarding how bids for the Hot Springs Golf Course were awarded, and issues related to that as detailed by Legislative Audit out of Pierre.

The latest out of Hot Springs after the council demanded his recent resignation and he refused? (and followed up by Carl filing an open meetings complaint against the city council). It looks like he's going to be facing total recall:

A petition, aimed at garnering sufficient signature to force an election to oust Mayor Carl Oberlitner is still in the works, although circulation has not yet begun.While the core interest is the same, past information concerning the petition has been misleading.

The petition is being brought by members of the city council who asked for Oberlitner’s resignation at the Oct. 16 meeting, at which time Oberlitner stated that he may resign at some point, but it wasn’t going to happen at that point.

Past information concerning the petition stated that the organizers must have a candidate, or successor, in place prior to circulation.

That information is not true, according to Councilman Don Patitiz, who had agreed to fill the position.“The petition is simply to gain sufficient signatures to put the recall election into motion,” said Patitz. The petition will state that the purpose is for a recall election, at which time a successor may be elected.

After 15 percent of the register voters in the last general election - which in this case means 456 voters - have signed the petition, the wheels are set into motion.

Read it all here at the Hot Springs Star.


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