Well, that was quick. Bill Peterson is taking his name out of consideration for State GOP Chair

I just got word this evening that Bill Peterson is withdrawing his name from consideration for the South Dakota Republican Party Chairmanship.

That's too bad, because Bill would have been very good.

At the moment, that leaves a wide open field with nobody confirmed officially, and former chair Joel Rosenthal heads the list of people said to be exploring it.

I think I'd like to hear some others get involved, and at least a race for the office, to offer some some new blood to the chairmanship. Why do the Democrats, who perennially take it in the rear in most elections have a plethora of candidates for the office, and the GOP only has one or two?

Who would you encourage to run for chair?


Anonymous said…
Pat Powers
Doug Knust
Bush Fullerton
Dana Randall
Jim Seward
Scott Odenbach
Lance Russell
Larry Russell
Mark Mickelson
Kim Vanneman
Lee Schoenbeck
Bill Earley
Elli Schwiesow
Bill Trent
Larry Diedrich
Jason Glodt
Tom Hansen
Phyllis Heineman
Dusty Johnson
Steve Kirby
Larry Rhoden
Jerry Rubendall
Rich Sattgast
Aaron Smith
Manny Steele
Neal Tapio
Dennis Thurman
R. Shawn Tornow
Gary Wietgrefe
Hugh Weber

There are numerous talented individuals all across our state (and I have only named a few - there are many more that I have forgotten to name). We just need to encourage the ones who want to actually make a meaningful difference for the sake of our Republican Party, rather than for their own selfish ego and political gain.

Joel Rosenthal will only be there to help the Janklow camp and his own ego. We need to kill the Rosenthal effort.

The people who I named above were all a part of the Republican tidal wave in 2002 and 2004. These are the people who understand politics and the benefits of having a grassroots effort, and they are the ones who should be leading our party into the future.
Aaron Lorenzen said…
Steve Kirby, Dana Randall, and if he was just a few years younger, Lyndell Peterson
Anonymous said…
Stan Adlestein.

just for the sheer fun of watching Napoli explode . . .
Anonymous said…
Dana Randall
Jason Glodt
Dusty Johnson
Elli Schwiesow

and not in that particular order.
mhs said…
Bill Earley would be a great choice.

It's a bit of a tough sell though, rewarding 30 years of hard work and loyalty to the party by . . . giving the guy the toughest, most thankless and brutal job in state politics.
Anonymous said…
Bill Okrepkie
Anonymous said…
Will everyone please get off the Russell bandwagons? Lance will not even win reelection to the State's Attorney position (or D30 State House, whichever he runs for). Larry is done and is the Jody Severson of our party.
Anonymous said…
glodt, yes.

doug knust, straight shooter.

larry rhoden, another truth teller...but lives in the toolies.

kim vanneman, most overlooked and under-rated R out there; fact is she even doesnt know how talented she is. Modesty to a fault. That means she wont run, but i wish she would.

phyllis heineman, another honest person. no way that will happen!

tom hansen, we should be so lucky that a man of his honesty would agree to run anything. wont happen.

ahhh, politics. you gotta love it.
Anonymous said…
How about Larry Diedrich? He isn't doing anything is he?

Steve Sibson, Allen Unruh or Manny Steele, Elli Schwiesow or please let it be Shawn Tornow.

Any of these would be great.

Sometimes you feel like a nut!
Anonymous said…
Dusty Johnson? Are you high, Billion wipe the floor with him.

You got to at lease try.
Anonymous said…
The best part is that no one is excited to run... I mean who would want the job. You have to coral the evangelicals who are calling for blood and "Country Club Republicans" that want nothing to do with the Abortion Debate.

Take a look a the leadership selections in the Senate to see where the real power is in the GOP. It is not the grassroots. it is the country club.

The reason the Dems are fired up is they have something to prove and the only way to go is up.

Who wants to be the Chair of the GOP when they lose control of the Senate in 2 years.

Put up another sacrificial Lamb. What is Whalen doing?
Anonymous said…
Has a state wide elected official ever had that office? It seems like a conflict of interest as they decide who gets the money in the election cycle.
Anonymous said…
Who cares?
Anonymous said…
Pat Mickelson Adam
Anonymous said…
How about lexrex, he needs a job or Roger Hunt if he stays out of jail for breaking campaign laws.
Anonymous said…
Anybody but Okrepkie. At best, he's been useless in Pennington County. Probably harmful. He's on his way out.
Anonymous said…
Matt McCaulley
Anonymous said…
Yes, Matt McCaulley "Caulkin" would be great!
Anonymous said…
Tom Dice of Mitchell.
Anonymous said…
9:15 PM is right, how do you be Chairman of Pennington County and no one know who you are? Only Tim Johnson could pull something off like that!

Hugh Weber, I thought we took care of him and his future already.

Larry Rhoden, without Napoli he would have never made it to Majority Leader.

Manny Steele...HELLO DEMOCRAT!! Also not working to hard trying to make allies in the House.
Ghost of Elections Past said…
We are coming to take back your party. We own you. You have no voice. You will be good Republicans.

Get ready for the New Order. It sounds familiar?

* GOP Chairman Joel Rosenthal, third time.

* Governor Bill Janklow, third time. By 2010, all rights and powers will be restored, and you will assume the position as you have before. Gladly, with smiles and applause, as directed.

You will vote as we say you will. You will give a lot of money to our accounts. You will volunteer as we require you. You will not offer your opinions.

You will all fall in line and march. Quickly. Just as you have before when we ordered.

We never sleep. Neither will you.
Anonymous said…
ben ready
Anonymous said…
Great idea... seriously!

At least things would get done.
Anonymous said…
Good point, 10:00. How come no one mentions Janklow as a Gov candidate in 10? I think it's a lock.
Anonymous said…
7:21 - Get real.

7:36 - Dusty can build coalitions around that angry old man. Billion couldn't break 40 even though he had the mainstream media catering to him.

10:04 - Ben is that you?

10:05 - Ben is that you again?

Anonymous said…
Dusty would be excellent. And the idea that Billion would "run circles" around Dusty is silly.

Glodt would be good, too, but he works in the Governor's Office, which seems like it would be a problem to me.

I don't think there is a problem with a current officeholder holding the job. So what about Vern Larson? or Daugaard?
grim said…
Elli Schwiesow would make a GREAT chair...hands down. You want new blood and real leadership?? She would be fabulous!
Anonymous said…
As a Democrat, let me suggest: Elli Schwiesow, Larry Russell, R. Shawn Tornow, Roger Hunt, Allen or Leslee Unruh, Steve Sibson, Randy Frederick.

Any of those would be quite acceptable.
Anonymous said…
Elli Schwiesow- She has shown her ability to reach out to Native Americans during the last three cycles. She also has the ability to organize the grassroots arm of the party. We need the Grassroots organization to pick up our lost seats.
Anonymous said…
Dusty is a fake, overambitious gladhander.

In other words, he'd be perfect for the job, and he's got a bright future in SD politics.
Anonymous said…
Elli Schiwesow? Bill Earley? Are you people serious?
Anonymous said…
I'm pretty sure Dusty Johnson could run circles around Billion. Dusty is what, 12? Billion's over a hundred years older than him...
Anonymous said…
Get off your Russell bashing. His record speaks for itself.
Anonymous said…
What is your beef with Dusty? He ran a great campaign and beat a tenured incumbent. He is young energetic and could do a great job. But herding cats is nearly impossible...but not for Dusty.
Anonymous said…
Elli would be a great chair. She truly believes in the grassroots and is committed to the cause. Her work for the party and Thune thus far demonstrates her abilities. She would be perfect and all liberals would tremble, not just the demcrats.
Anonymous said…
My short list:

Doug Knust
Bill Earley
Dana Randall
Anonymous said…
About a decade ago, the conservatives took control of the Texas GOP. The country clubbers wined like the sky was falling. What happened--a GOP take-over. That is what we need.

We need a strong conservative who will be unwavering in support of all the GOP candidates and will work with Rounds and Thune and not exclusively for them. We need someone who will put the interests of the party ahead of any personality.

Who would do that? Who could be independent and has the know-how to get the job done all the way down the ticket? Who could facilitate the creation of a core set of conservative principles and issues that our party can resurect itself with?

Folks, Johnson and Stephanie will be up next time out. They could gain more seats in the Legislature. We have a divided caucus and a non-visionary governor. We truly need some leadership somewhere. Four years from now they could be poised to take the governor's mansion.

Please think hard about a candidate for state party chair who could lead us in the right direction for the next four years. We don't need another crony or lap dog of anyone, but a true leader.

Positive suggestions please. To our democrat friends, quit attacking all of the good candidates with your hate speech. I thought you democrats wanted to silence such speech?
Anonymous said…
I am no hater. Dusty Rhodes for Chair
Anonymous said…
Who is Dusty Rhodes?
Anonymous said…
Is Dusty a Rhodes scholar?
Anonymous said…
I like Dusty but we can't have any Constitutional officer as state gop chair. It would lead to too much infighting and suspicion.
Anonymous said…
Dusty's a dork.
Anonymous said…
I think Gary Hanson would be great. He was a long-term mayor, beat out Pam Nelson for PUC and happens to be well connected. He is well loved by the residents of Sioux Falls. He lives in Sioux Falls where the voters are. What do you think?
Anonymous said…
I think Gary Hanson is the author of the last post
Anonymous said…
Gary Hanson is NOT the author of the last post.
Anonymous said…
What ever happened to Ron Williamson?
Anonymous said…
Who's Dusty Rhodes...

Only the Friggin "American Dream"

You didn't watch wrestling when you were a kid?

Must be another Country Club Republican.

Welcome to the Trailer Park Chaz!
Anonymous said…
Elli Schwiesow, Leslee Unruh, Lee Schoenbeck or Joel Dykstra

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