Are those guys still around? Amendment E's Gary Zerman says it's time to make a video

Yes, those guys are still around.

In a posting on a Yahoo discussion group, California Attorney Gary Zerman writes as if they never meant for the amendment to pass. It apparently was just a big expensive line in the sand:
South Dakota Government Acted In Concert Against The People
By Attorney Gary Zerman,
gzerman@hotmail. com


You are kidding yourselves if you think you can draft a perfect amendment. The process re putting Amendment E on the ballot, and then to a vote, proved here the government does not serve the People, will ignore them and the law, the constitution and simply do as they please. How are you going to stop them?


Our purpose with JAIL or Amendment E, or at least MINE, was simply to draw a line in the sand, engage the battle (WE in fact fought the good fight and I thank everyone who aided and participated with us) to put People on NOTICE regarding how we (our government and big business) no longer have, or follow, the Rule of Law, our Constitution. What we need to do is make a video and document the process of E - how government actually served the People and followed the law - or actually did not.

You can go ahead with another E, but you have to have the finances (a lot of money to pay for a legal team, press team and campaign team), but more importantly have a plan B. Actually multiple strategies. JAIL is not the only answer, because the powers that be will simply act the same way the next time, tell even greater lies if they have to. (And with the global economy, they are getting bigger and have a greater need to keep the facade up, in place.) Unless you can combat them, respond timely with good opposition, dollar for dollar (better yet get out ahead of them, so we control the agenda), in the short run (almost any election issue that threatens their power so directly) they will win every time. They have to.

We will win in the long run (anarchy/collapse will occur), because (beyond the corruption) our nation/society has reached the point that we have taken/made too many wrong turns in the law - there simply is too much law (government) to even function - we cannot get out of our own way, we have tied ourselves in knots - when we were supposed to have a limited government and the purpose of the Constitution was to tie government down to the EXPRESS powers given it. There simply is nothing left that government does not touch, have its hands on, and has not made a mess of. More law, more government will not save us - they are the problem. Further, the law and government in place has divided and continues to divide our country. We are fighting amongst ourselves way too much, to even recognize much of the world does not like us or is turning against us.
And, blah.. blah... blah... Read it here if you have nothing better to do.

And Gary, a hint. They have nice sand in California. Next time you want to draw another big expensive line, go do it there.


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