In all fairness, I have heard from several readers that supposedly the story behind Chris Hesla being zinged for possession of unlawfully taken game is that he self-reported himself to GFP after accidentally shooting a hen while hunting.

Aside from the fact that people are taking the tale as posted waaaayyyyy more seriously than it was intended, I don't think anyone would begrudge him the fact that he more than likely did the right thing.


Anonymous said…
I wouldn't believe anything about Hesla until you see the written report. Hopefully, he loses his hunting privileges for one year. He and John Cooper have so much in common. Neither are honest nor can they obey the laws they are creaming their shorts to make everyone else live by.

Thanks for outing him PP! Please continue to out him!
Anonymous said…

Yes, let's talk about those who have lost their hunting privileges. Hmm, I think he is about to take office and I don't think he fessed up like Chris.
landowner said…
Helsa is just like most of the so called "hunters" in this state, shoot at anything that flies, without looking.
Anonymous said…
That's not a fair statement, Landowner.

Saying "most" of the hunters is not true. I've hunted for years, with lots of different people, and have seldom seen a hunter act that way.

Making a statement like that is just like saying "most" of the landowners are greedy, selfish people who want to turn hunting into a sport that only the wealthiest can take part in.
Anonymous said…
The moral of the story, for PP, is to not post silly gossip before fact checking it.
Anonymous said…
I sounds like you don't like people who commit such acts. Do you think they are fit to serve in public office?

Just curious, if there was say for example one of your party's rising stars who committed an even worse offence with regards to hunting, would you post it in the manner and with the same tone as you did the Hesla incident?

For the record, you are the one who opened this can of worms by going after Chris.
PP said…
9:06, what was there to check? It was in the paper, and that's what I printed.
Anonymous said…
PP: I love it that you can make irresponsible charges against someone and then backtrack by saying you weren't being serious. Just like you can post about Jeff Navin's wedding website and then backtrack by saying you were trying to congratulate him.

Its no wonder that your career in politics never got past the junior staff level at the State Party.
Anonymous said…
What's the deal with Jarrod "Big Hands" Johnson's game violation?
Anonymous said…
You should see how Tony Dean is falling all over himself to tell us all what a good, honest guy Hesla is. If I remember right, he said the same about John Cooper when he got caught hunting with his pal, (and Daschle's aid), Eric Washburn, using an in state tag when he actually lived out of state. Did you ever see such a manure speader full of hypocrites?
Anonymous said…
1:13pm: "Did you ever see a manure spreader full of hypocrites?" Have you looked at the Republican party lately?

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