NY Times notes that Tim Johnson is building his warchest

The New York Times is reporting today that in light of the new political party in charge of Congress, just like most other Democrats, Tim Johnson held a fundraiser to commemerate the occasion.
Time to Party in the Capital. Just Bring the Checkbook.


WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 — Lights glowed late in the Capitol dome on Wednesday night, indicating that the House and the Senate were in session. But the real action was taking place elsewhere on Capitol Hill, in wine bars, restaurants and town houses where lobbyists paid for the opportunity to meet and greet lawmakers.

Some politicians had just won election, or re-election, and needed to pay off campaign debts. Others were raising money for 2008, hoping that a fat campaign war chest would discourage serious challengers.

The Sonoma wine bar was particularly popular. No sooner had lobbyists left a reception there for Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois , newly elected chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, than another platoon of them arrived at the same place to pay tribute to Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia , chief deputy whip for House Republicans.


Representative Nancy Pelosi of California, who is to become speaker of the House, has promised new lobbying and ethics rules to end “the culture of corruption” that she says has infected Congress under Republican control. But lobbyists attending fund-raisers this week said they did not expect radical changes.

“There will be some changes on the margins that will be relatively short-lived,” said Erick R. Gustafson, a vice president of the Mortgage Bankers Association.


The feverish fund-raising pace continued on Thursday, with events for two Democrats up for re-election in 2008, Senators Mary L. Landrieu of Louisiana and Tim Johnson of South Dakota .

Surveying the week’s activities, Frederick H. Graefe, a veteran health care lobbyist with friends on both sides of the aisle, said, “There is no free event with the Democrats or the Republicans.”
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Anonymous said…
Timmy is nervous because he won't be able to change votes after dark this time. Who will talk for him, Tommy? Herseth could hold his hand!
Anonymous said…
Does it really matter because I pray that Jarrod Johnson is going to run against Timmy and beat him bad!
Mike Quinlivan said…
A politician raising money eh?. Good post PP
Anonymous said…
7:29 - Fantasy talk.
Anonymous said…
timmy is raising money? wow. good scoop, pp.

just wait for epp to lick your boots, then all will be fine.
Anonymous said…
anon 7:13 P.M. "Timmy" has an election in two years and it is normal procedure for a politician to fund-raise this far in advance. Are you still upset that "Timmy" beat "Johnny" in 2002?

John Thune has clearly gotten over it. Too bad you can't.
Anonymous said…
Haven't you gotten over the fact that John beat Tom? Tim's going to raise a lot of money and the only person who can honestly beat him is Rounds. Look at Johnson's poll numbers, he is huge and very likable in SD. He has never lost a campaign. Republicans would have to find some serious dirt on Tim to beat him.
Anonymous said…
Hello? Anybody ever been to Washington? Congressional fundraising never stops.

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