Denise Ross has her blog... but what else?

If I've been asked the question once this week, I've had it asked twenty times. "What's the deal with Denise Ross?"

The deal? I have no idea. What do I know? She had been with the Rapid City Journal, and left to pursue filming a documentary. But aside from that, there's a lot of rumor and conjecture.

Some of the raised eyebrows are coming from her showing up at the budgetary press conference that the Gov did the other day, where she was running around like a reporter. Except she's reporting for her blog.

What the rumor mill is churning on is that (allegedly) she's working on a documentary on HB 1215, and that some sources are reporting her over at Stan Adelstein's office constantly. They even suggest that he's paying for the documentary. Which, I suppose would make sense if she's doing a documentary on HB1215.

One person was asking me if she's being bankrolled by Johnson or Herseth, since her website went on the attack the other day at the Gov. And to answer, I have no idea! And how is her attacking the Gov different from any of the other Democratic web logs out there?

Ultimately, my answer on what she's doing is "I dunno."

So, if you have any questions on that topic, or who Denise is working for, go ask her. I'm busy looking for the next big scoop.


David Newquist said…
There is surely something wrong when a reporter with bona fide credentials as a reporter uses her skills on a web log that contains the most comprehensive reporting in the state on the budgetary message. Stop her! Fast! She might make apparent what tacky, peevish, and small-minded stuff most political blogs in the state concern themselves with.

And why not ask what every blogger in the state thinks they are up to? Dayamn.
Anonymous said…
How much is Stan Adelstein paying you Denise? Inquiring minds want to know
RC said…
she's told people that she's writing a book about Daschle and Janklow
Mac said…
Denise Ross was hardly much of a "reporter" and much more of a Democratic operative; her and Bill Harland and all the crazy liberals on "Mt. Blogmore" will not be happy until all Republicans are under fire
Anonymous said…
The Argus Leader didn't waste anytime hiring another liberal reporter. Denise is now writing for them in addition to Adelstein, so that all makes sense now.
Mable said…
SHE'S Pierre to haunt all those people who thought she faded away!!!

did you ever think maybe she's rich enough to just do this on her own?? maybe she's just being public spirited
Andy said…
LEE ENTERPRISES (and i'm not talking about Schoenbeck here) doesn't pay that much so Denise can probably make more money working for Stan if that's what she's doing

this is the kind of mystery that would have driven Denise crazy as a "reporter"---let's get to bottom this PP!

if only because it make David Newquist FREAK OUT
Anonymous said…
If Stan is paying Denise, then who is paying Kranz?
Anonymous said…
I thought Denise was going to Daschle's press secretary for his Presidential run, but guess that didn't pan out
Anonymous said…
The Stan-HB1215 rumor is true. And she has been at his office a lot. Not that there's anything wrong with that (grin).
Todd Epp said…
I agree with Dr. Pork Pie at 9:18 p.m. What Denise did on her blog was the most comprehensive coverage of the budget address ANYWHERE. And it appeared to be reasoned, reasonable, and fair. So what's the problem?

Todd Epp
Senior Blogosphere Editor
S.D. Watch
BW said…
Go Denise! keep the Republicans in Pierre hopping!
Anonymous said…
Todd: please explain the pork pie thing. i don't get it.
Anonymous said…
i love how the liberals like David Newquist and Todd Epp come to the defense of Denise Ross and the Republicans complain about her.

That says it all, doesn't it?
Todd Epp said…
10:24 I guess you don't remember the times I come to the aid of my Republican friends as well. I just posted yesterday that I thought Janklow was a good governor and leader. I also had nice things to say about Rob Regier when he said he was resigning from the SDFPC. But that doesn't fit your worldview of me. Sorry to disappoint.

Todd Epp
Senior Open Minds, Open Arms Editor
S.D. Watch
Todd Epp said…

The "pork pie thing" is a now a running joke I made about Dr. Newquist being a cranky old guy in a pork pie hat after a post he had about kids and the election. He embraced the joke and started posting pictures of jazz musicians on his site wearing pork pie hats. I now refer to him at times as "Dr. Pork Pie." It is all in good fun.

Todd Epp
Senior Men's Headwear Editor
S.D. Watch
Anonymous said…
PP: Only You, Brock Greenfield and Steve Sibson really care about why Denise Ross left her job.
Anonymous said…
I thought Denise's coverage of the budget address was petty and unfair.
Anonymous said…
I think most journalists are at least a few points to the left. However, in my less than expert opinion, I thought Denise did a pretty good job at the RCJ of trying to be unbiased. Obviously, some of that bias comes out in personal conversations and a little bit in her blogs, but I think as a reporter with the RCJ, she asked a lot of good, hard questions while really trying to understand (rather than demonize) the issue or politician.

Didn't Rounds use one her articles in his advertisements in his '02 primary? She wasn't always bad.
Anonymous said…
she's always been a whiny liberal hack

but her poking around Pierre will make the ACLU happy
Anonymous said…
just ask Bill Janklow how "fair" he thinks Denise is
Anonymous said…
It seems like you are unfairly picking on Denise. Is this because she is a female? It is such a double standard with you guys. Should she be home raising babies with her hair in curlers?

I personally hope she is doing a documentary on HB1215 so she can blow that law way open and raise funds in the future from all over the country so we don't have this stupid law brought up again.
Anonymous said…
Is she related to Diana Ross? Their names are spelled the same. If she and Stan are doing a 1215 expose' , you can bet it will be balanced and fair (wink,wink!).
Nicholas Nemec said…
The coverage Denise Ross gave the Gov's budget address was in depth and factual. Complaining about someone reporting on things you actually said or did is just whining.

What was she doing in Pierre? Who cares. This is still America and the First Amendment still guaranties peaceful freedom of assembly.
Rick Hauffe said…
Here's what I don't get. If the ultra right-wingers writing in here dislike Denise Ross so much, why are they now generating 25 comments to the orginal post, filed only last night? You guys seem obsessed by her, which makes you big fans in anyone's book (assuming you appreciate learning other points of view). If you disliked her so much, maybe the most effective response would have been ignoring the original post and shunning Ms. Ross.

Personally, I'm a fan of hers and many of her former coworkers at the Journal. She's perceptive, funny and a darn good writer. It doesn't matter who's bankrolling her, her professionalism has great value. The responses here seem to prove it.

Glad to see Dr. Epp has lost none of his wit and brilliance behind the keyboard, either.

Blog on, War Babies!
Anonymous said…
Denise's blog is only "liberal" if only liberals show up there. It would be even better if more of you posted there once in a while. I would imagine she wouldn't even mind if all you "Anons" kept right on using your Anon monikers. That way everybody would know right away where you're coming from.

Hell, I might even post that way sometimes, just to keep things interesting.
Denise Ross said…
Hey, y'all, it's Denise. I'm not working for Stan, although I did just last night finish a profile of him that the Argus had asked for, so I was at his office yesterday for about an hour.

I then stopped at the Thune office, right next door, to try to catch up with Qusi, who I had missed a few times in recent weeks. (Qusi's very busy.)

I had popped in the Thune office a few times in recent weeks, not after visiting Stan's office but after visiting a Web hosting company office also very nearby. (I was working out the kinks in my blog, work that continues.)

I am working on a doc about HB1215, but Stan's only role is that he was interviewed on camera. I am working with another journalist and a doc producer.

As for who's "bankrolling" me, well, that would be my husband and perhaps the Argus Leader freelance checks.

As for why I left the Journal, that's a story best told over a cold beer.
chad said…
I agree with everything Hauffe said.

She's a good writer that can provoke an honest discussion of the issues.

As far as the bankrolling stuff, I think Denise pretty much put that to rest. More crazy crap coming from the right-wing tin foil hat crowd.
Anonymous said…
I am no fan of Ross. If sarcasm and snide remarks (which there were plenty of in her reporting for the RCJ)and being a cheerleader for the ACLU are a measure of good writing, then you may be right. However it is nobody's business who is "bankrolling" her now that she is gone from the Rapid City Journal. She, like everyone else (except public officials), is entitled to make a living without being scrutinized.
Anonymous said…
Honest goes along with TRUTH--which we already know that you don't understand.
Anonymous said…
I think Harlan and Woster leaned to left for Denise.

Denise should interview Stan. He bought SD politics this year, again. I hope she specifically addresses his financing the demise of HB1215.

You go girl!
Anonymous said…
So Denise Ross is being defended by Todd Epp, Chad Schuldt, Rick Hauffe, David Newquist, and Nicholas Nemec and is being criticized by Republicans, eh? That's all you need to know about how "fair and balanced" Denise Ross is. And it's no surprise that she immediately went to work for that bastion of liberalism, the Argus Leader. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Anonymous said…
Denise: who is the "documentary producer"?
lexrex said…
and mr. epp, should i start brett favre in my ff league this week? he has me worried.
lexrex said…
i must've messed up on posting a comment about denise ross before i posted my last one.

can't remember all i said, denise, but hang in there. i look forward to seeing the documentary. when can we see it?
Rick Hauffe said…
Hey guys, we're now up to 36 comments. This is starting to feel like a Jerry Lewis Telethon. Just keep those comments coming and rally for Denise!

And to the anonymous dude at 1051 a.m., I noticed you and the other critics, whom you alleged were Republicans, failed to use their credible names. Why is that? How do you know they are Republicans and not independents, Libs or Dems?

I think Mr. Powers provides a terrific service here and I would understand why some would fear reprisals in their commentaries. However, it becomes pretty meaningless after a while when the vast majority of rock throwers can't back their tough talk with their own names.

Okay, now do I hear a 37th commentary coming to help out Denise?

Lex, don't go with Brett. He's been hot and cold. Got a next fave? I'd offer a recommendation, but I'm not so useful this year with making picks. Until the 'Skins ditch Danny as owner, I'm dreaming of baseball. Of course, as a Cubs fan, I'd have to declare that I am not a fan of professional baseball.
west rivere democrat said…

did denise or chad or todd ask you to post to increase her creds?

your presence here vindicates many of the comments by the anons.
Nicholas Nemec said…
One thing the posts on this topic show is that the Democrats aren't afraid to post using the name their momma gave them.

All you gutless anons better just keep posting as anon. I really do understand that you have to protect your state government jobs. You sure wouldn't want anyone to findout that you were blogging on taxpayer time.
PP said…
If I could remind people of a couple of things I noted in my post... "I have no idea what she's doing...." "and if you have questions go ask her"
Anonymous said…
Wow, Denise still has the magic! 36 posts about a new blog. This has franchise writtten all over it. Denise, give me a call, there is money to be made here! Harry Christianson
Anonymous said…
Hot licks. Denise has the mojo hand.

(I'm still posting as Anonymous only because I promised I would, so as not to make those of you who feel you must uncomfortable. BF)
Anonymous said…
PU, you're correct in that ultimately you said "I don't know, go ask her" but only after floating it out there that she's hanging with Stan or paid for by Johnson or Herseth. Who buys your gas PU? And at which Rep sow teat do you currently suckle?
VJ said…
Well, I think Denise goes by this philosophy:

"Well-behaved women seldom make history."


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