Daschle to South Dakota: I'm Not Running.
South Dakota to Daschle: And this shocks us because.....?

Before he got on stage to talk about outgoing SDSU President Peggy Miller at her retirement party, Peter Harriman at the Argus Leader is reporting that Daschle confirmed that he's not running for the office of President:
Daschle confirmed that he decided not to seek the Democratic nomination for
the U.S. presidency in 2008, shortly before taking the stage as the keynote
speaker in a program honoring retiring SDSU president Peggy Gordon Miller.

"I had an opportunity to talk to a lot of friends and supporters around the
country. I was deeply gratified by the level of support.

"But I concluded this is not the time for me to consider running for
the presidency," Daschle said."In large measure it is because I enjoy what I am
doing now. I enjoy private life."

Read the whole story here. What, was this the biggest "no kidding" story of the year? Daschle just came off of a loss, and some of his top strategists (such as Steve Hildebrand) are schmoozing with national Democratic rock stars such as Obama, leaving Tom passed by in the dust.

But, still having some money in his coffers is at least still winning him some kudos from local people (the ones reaping the benefit of his checkbook):
Judy Olson Duhamel, Chairwoman of the South Dakota Democratic Party, said
Daschle will remain a presence on the political stage.

"Senator Daschle has been one of South Dakota's finest statesmen and
leaders," she said. She said he may not be done with politics, and certainly not
with the state party.

"We will never let him fade into the sunset," she said.

And that's guaranteeed. As long as his checkbook still has money in it.


Anonymous said…
I am hoping this will at least temporarily end the love affair that the reporters for state's two major newspapers have with Senator Daschle.
Anonymous said…
Now, that is some Good News for a Sunday morning.
Anonymous said…
what a bozo.....the only person who took his run for president seriously was Daschle himself because of his massive ego...even Hildebrand stabbed him in the back and is going with Obama....anybody who thought Daschle's candidacy would have been seen as serious is delusional. it would have ended in another embarassing defeat for him
Anonymous said…
Dave Kranz must be heartbroken that his old college buddy is out of it
Anonymous said…
Only took you 26 years to get rid of him. Anyone want to bet neither Marion nor Thune make it that long?
Anonymous said…
Anyone remember "Goodbye George"? Now it is "Goodbye Dashle!"
KeepHopeAlive said…
PREDICTION: Daschle will make a comeback by running against and defeating Thune in 2010!
oldguy said…
If Daschle really wanted to run for President he had a actual chance to win had he ran in 2004. I am sure he would have done better than Kerry if he could have won the primary. I would have voted for him in a heart beat back then.He choose to run for senate and the rest is history. He is done!
Anonymous said…
will this whiny beeatch now shut up and go away and make millions lobbying?
SC said…
The Argus Leader article about Daschle not running proves they are stilling spinning for him. They didn't report that he's still a corporate whore of a lobbyist or that NO progressives were calling on him to run.
Anonymous said…
If you want to talk about corporate whore lobbyists, maybe it's appropriate to have a story about Thune and how much he made from DME and how he's now DME's congressional whore - looking to get DME more taxpayer money than the Chrysler bailout with no security or income stream to service the debt.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Tom Daschle for 26 years of distinguished service to South Dakota and for everything you have done for SD and continue to do.

Thune will never have a record of accomplishment anywhere close to yours.
chad said…
Could one of these anonymous chicken shit calling Daschle a "corporate whore lobbyist" name one of his lobbying clients and prove it?

You can't because Tom Daschle isn't a lobbyist. He has never registered to lobby. He doesn't lobby. He doesn't have any lobbying clients. Those are facts.

The fact of the matter, the only corporate whore lobbyist South Dakota has had is Senator John Thune. He's the one who took hundreds of thousands of dollars from DM&E, deposited them into his personal bank accounts, and then proceeded to insert special legislation in the middle of the night before a vote that grants DM&E the largest federal loan in history. Corporate Whore John Thune didn't think the largest federal loan in the history of the Republic deserved to be debated.

Jeebus. You people are absolutely pathetic. You wouldn't know a corporate whore lobbyist, even though there's one right in front of you.
Anonymous said…
I think the only reason Daschle was toying with running in 2008 is that he knows that he screwed up by not running in 2004. If he had stayed in the race, he would have been a strong candidate and would have had a good chance at beating Kerry for the nomination. And he would have been a stronger nominee against Bush than Kerry was. Obviously, it's all speculation, but you have to think that Daschle believes that he would president today if he had run.

Thinking that, it is easy to see why he would consider trying this time. But Daschle is no idiot - he eventually realized that it wasn't going to happen in 2008.
Anonymous said…
Whatever the reason--thank goodness ole Tommy isn't out embarassing South Dakota again.
nb said…
doesn't tom's wife make a million dollars a year lobbying? and he works for a lobbying firm and still works over the senate according to these articles, which sounds like lobbying. thune, as i read it, it trying complete the biggest project in south dakota history while tom is working against it. am i wrong about this?
Anonymous said…
Not wrong on this!
Right on every count!
(except you missed the part about this being his SECOND wife's job)
It's just them ole sour grapes Dems feelin' bad that they lost ole tommy and his obstructionalist agenda on the national scene.

They are afraid that we might get in another Supreme Court Jusice that simply reads the Constitution as it was written. That would be bad for homosexuals wanting special rights and bad for business and money flow at Planned Parenthood's scrap 'em out and put 'em in the trash or sell them on the open market baby disposal factories.
Anonymous said…
3:46 - You're kidding right? Thune just won the pork award. SD Republicans love pork and vote that way.

4:39 - Summed it up.

4:57 - Linda Daschle, remember -- Daschle bailed out American and United for what, billions?

9:45 - Bush should use veto power to save taxpayers.
Anonymous said…
You are absolutely right. And the biggest lobbying whore in this story is Daschle's wife, which is the reason he didn't run in 04. she has way too many skeletons in her closet.
Anonymous said…
Daschle and Gordon-Elliott-Miller, good riddance to you both, hope we don't see you in SD again.
Nicholas Nemec said…
That last line is kind of snotty PP. The SDDP welcomes all our old Senators and office holders to be as active as they want money or not.

George McGovern has been a speaker at state events for years and always impresses the croud with a great speech on a timely topic.

The amount of money that Tom Daschle brings to the SDDP pales in comparison to the money in the Governors Club Slush Fund.
Anonymous said…
Ya'll realize that Tom Daschle, from South Dakota, would be the Senate Majority Leader right now don't you?
Anonymous said…
To all of you who keep calling Senator Dachle names:

I can only assume that you all consider yourselves Christians because you are against abortion and gay marriage. Your the family values camp right. Here is a question: What would Jesus Do? Seriously, did you every see Jesus ridicule or call people names. GROW UP! The Jesus I know would never approve of calling anybody a whore. Think about that when you say I am a Christian...because from your words on this blog you certainly are not acting like Christ.
Anonymous said…
It pains me to agree with 9:01, but I will. I am no fan of Daschle. I am glad he is out of SD politics and that Thune (whom I am a fan of) is in. But the name callers make people on our side look bad. (PS. The stuff about Daschle lobbying...isn't he a lobbyist of sorts with Bob Dole's law firm? Not that there's anything wrong with that.)
Anonymous said…
What did Daschle do for South Dakota other than string us along?

He never saved Ellsworth, like Thune did. So he called Clinton and got it taken off the list, only for the next brac meeting to roll around so Daschle could swoop in and look like a hero.

Thune got the mission defined and validated by the military. Then he brings in 800 jobs with the AF financial center. Then he gets the most recent mission assigned to Ellsworth. That alone is more than what Tom "string us along" Daschle ever did.

And what about now? Did Daschle every try to bring thousands of rail jobs to our state? No, b/c DME is run by a Republican. Daschle strung us along and took us for granted.

At least Thune fixes problems and creates jobs.

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