He still hasn't gone away....

Bill Stegmeier still hasn't blended back into the woodwork. If you check out this link to the Gene Chapman for President Blog (the anti-communist act dude), you can see that Bill's revving up his engine to bring more silliness and bad legislation to South Dakota:

Round Table Talk

1) Everything is on for the meeting in Denver on Saturday to vote on the Colorado Anti-Communist Act, Phase One. Bill Stegmeier is trying to fit the event into his schedule.

2) Bill also tells me that he is doing a poll of the voters in South Dakota and is finding a 50/50 split on the votes for and against his Amendment E that supposedly lost 90/10 in November. He's smelling computer voting machine tampering/ fraud.
Read it all here. What is Bill smelling? Something he probably should have had for lunch, because it's causing hallucinations. South Dakotan's voted against Amendment E because it was bad legislation, written badly and would have had a terrible outcome. How tough is that to accept?

Unless it was a plot hatched by the people who did that conspiracy that blew up the towers on 9/11 - right after they fluoridated all of the water.


Just like the goofy 9/11 conspiracies, and even worse, whoever did it would have to coordinate something in the neighborhood of 1000 precincts and over 60 counting machines. And then send the same conspirators back for the vote canvass.

(Masons... it must have been the Masons.. In collusion with the illumanati in their flying saucers borrowed from the trilateral commission...)

These guys really need to go back to muttering to themselves.


The Big B said…
PP, you should know better. You can't have a conspiracy story without including the John Birch Society.
Anonymous said…
Wasn't Allen Unruh on the board supporting this initiative?
Anonymous said…
SD doesn't really use electronic voting, so the idea of computer voting fraud doesn't make sense. Not that that is unexpected, given the source.
Anonymous said…
So were there hanging chads? Or marks OUTSIDE of the circle?? There must be an investigation. Perhaps measure 6 DID pass, along with Amendment D and Billion had the election stolen!! Is this what Denise Ross is looking into???
Nicholas Nemec said…
Anon. 10:57.

You are correct. Dr. Allen Unruh was listed on the J.A.I.L. website as a supporter. Eventually his name was removed. Probably after he started taking heat and getting dope slaps from his RL6 fellow travelers.

I wonder what it takes to get BS to remove your name from the supporters list?

Unruh's early support of J.A.I.L. really calls into question his judgement. To bad the South Dakota Liberal Media never looked into this connection or asked Unruh about it.

We could have used a breaking news blogger to look into it. I pointed this out to PP before a Lincoln Day Dinner that Unruh was going to speak at and that PP said he was going to attend. PP even replied in the comments that he would have to ask him. If there was a follow up story I never saw it.
Anonymous said…
PP has to tow the party line, Nick. That means he can't cover certain things.
Anonymous said…
PP deserves some heat on his treatment of Unruh and Amendment E. On one hand, he rightfully chastises anyone who supported Amendment E but then strongly supports anyone who is anti-abortion. Apparently, if you wear the anti-abortion cloak like Unruh, you are immune from criticism for any other wacky stands you take.

Defend yourself PP.
Nicholas Nemec said…
anon 10:55

The anti-abortion cloak of invisibility. Say you are opposed to abortion and all your other wacked out positions and statements become invisible.

Helps illustrate the inherent problem with being a single issue voter. You can fool all of the people some of the time.
PP said…
Nick and 10:55 -

Sorry, I never made it to that LDD, and as I understood, Allen's support disappeared shortly after everyone started reading the goofy measure..
Nicholas Nemec said…
PP, Allen Unruh's support for J.A.I.L. disappeared after everyone with any brains started reading J.A.I.L..

Unruh's early support of J.A.I.L. shows that he is unable to think things through. It really makes you wonder about all his other positions and statements.
Anonymous said…
Perfect example of a Judge violating the law.

Under SD law 15-22 a person has a right to file an affidavit for recusla of a Judge. THAT IS THE LAW.

But Judge Miller thumb his nose at the law.

His letter at southdakotagov.info

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